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Friday, June 12, 2009

I Call off RRRC

I call off Re-Recording Raaja Contest. It is a huge flop. There was only one registered contestant. With my publicity skills, I couldn’t reach out to all those who would be interested in such a contest.

Thanks to all those who posted the link of my announcement post in their blogs.


Vijay said...

Macha.. I'm sorry you had to call it off. A few things.
It was a nice idea.I'm guessing you got the idea while you were trying to recreate one of Raja's BGM's on your keyboard.
1.Then again, not everyone who visits this blog has got a midi keyboard connected to their comp.I think thats the main reason why this contest flopped.
2.The people who do may not even visit this blog.You could consider publicizing this in places like SAE etc. where ppl would be more open to such contests in case you haven't already.
3.And 7 minutes? Thats too much.A scene in a movie would have around 1 min music on an average that is instantly noticeable and hummable.7 min means multiple tracks and that is dependent on the interest of the participant and other factors such as time.A 1 min contest would have been bang on catchy.
4.Yesterday , I was watching Naan Kadavul again and there were these amazing,dark cues everywhere.Anyone of those could have ended up in this contest but for the 'before 1992' rule which IMO doesn't make any sense as it is kinda dating Ilayaraja's music.
All the best in case you decide to conduct this in the future.Hope things go the right way then.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Vijay - You said it all. I am not going to deny anything. I did many mistakes but it is good that i attempted and failed instead of not attempting. It is a good learning experience. Actually I have been thinking about this contest for past 2 months and I wasn't quite sure whether I should do this or not.

1. Try, I knew that not all readers of this blog would be able to participate and that is why I posted the announcement in several other music forums. But it just didn't click.

2. What is SAE?

3. Yes 7 Minutes is a big mistake. I was too greedy on that front. One minute would have definitely been more attractive and easier.

4. The reason I chose that year was that BGMs in movie released before that are not available in good sound quality whereas the ones after that are available relatively of much higher sound quality which is good enough

I will sure do this again sometime in future. There are few other ideas which I will take up when the time is right.

Vijay said...

2.SAE is School of Audio Engineering, a famous college for sound engg. and music production.It is present in Chennai and I think in Bangalore too.
4.Now, I get your motive behind the contest.Its recreation for preservation purposes.This was not clear earlier.
"I did many mistakes but it is good that i attempted and failed instead of not attempting. " Awesome. Best of luck if you conduct this in the future.

V said...

Suresh, I guess you could have celebrated Raaja's birthday with a grand "identify BGM" contest for all simpler people like me. This RRR contest idea could have been done parallelly, after testing the waters. Thanks.