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Friday, October 30, 2009


‘Background Score’ blog turns 2 today.

It has been quite a journey and a great learning experience so far. Thank you.

On this happy occasion, here is a feast for film score fans.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Score Quest Fest Answers

Score Quest Fest

Track 9 is from Punnagai Mannan. Composer – Ilaiyaraaja. I like to call this piece the prelude to the popular love theme. It appears when Kamal is deeply disturbed by the hallucination of him dancing with Revathi and angrily hits the Piano. It is a short piece with a beautiful melody and counter melodies.

Track 10 is from Raam. Composer – Yuvan Shankar Raja. It is the title score of the movie in which the scene takes us through every little detail of the place of crime. Yuvan uses a background score cue from the 7G, Rainbow colony and shifts to a new theme as the visuals shifts to the crime scene. I don’t remember where else the theme is used in the film as I didn’t like the film.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Score Quest Fest Answers

Score Quest Fest

Track 7 is from Parthiban Kanavu. Composer – Vidhyasagar. This simple sweet melody is the main love theme of the movie. It appears first when Srikanth sees Sneha and falls in love with her instantly. It continues to play in all the scenes where Srikanth chases her to find her place and identity.

Track 8 is from Porkaalam. Composer – Deva. This haunting melody is Meena’s theme in the movie. Right from the beginning, ever silent Meena expresses her love for Murali through this melody. Once everything collapses and Murali decides to marry a disabled girl, the shattered world of Meena is heard through the orchestral version of the same theme in the climax. The impact of the orchestral version is higher as we audience don’t know what is going to happen and we get shocked to see Meena walking with the disabled girl, whom Murali is getting married to.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Score Quest Fest Answers

Score Quest Fest

Track 5 is from Nattamai. Composer – Sirpi. This is the theme for the chief of the Nattamai family. Though overused throughout the film, the theme aptly adds to the honesty and regal of the head family of the village.

Track 6 is from Kushi. Composer – Deva. This is the omnipresent main love theme of the film that appears every time Siva and Jennifer meet. It sounds best in the scene where Siva and Jennifer both run to save the dying flame of a lamp in the temple. In this scene, music perfectly complemented every single shot. It seems as if the shots were composed and carefully edited keeping music in mind.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Score Quest Fest - Answers

Score Quest Fest

Track 3 is from Dasavatharam. Composer - Devi Sri Prasad. This is the title score. Though I am not sure how genuine this composition is, when played in the title credits, it gave a majestic entry to the much hyped film.

Track 4 is from Ivan. Composer - Ilaiyaraaja or Karthik Raja. I am not sure who the composer is as the piece has unmistakable Karthik Raja touch. It is Deetchanya's theme. It plays in the scene where Deetchanya dreams in which she asks Parthiban to write a poem. It is a scintillating orchestral piece for a very poetic scene. The shift to a melody on bells when she says 'Kavithai' and the following strings piece to imply the ecstasy of Deetchanya is simply hair-rising stuff.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Score Quest Fest - Answers

Score Quest Fest

Track 1 is the main theme of 13B (Yaavarum Nalam), Composed by Tubby and Parik. The theme is omnipresent in the film. This is the version that appears in the Titles (one of the most sensibly done titles in a while) which elaborately hints at the concept and secret on which the whole film is based. Some guessed it as ‘Eeram’ which is good as this piece would have easily fitted in ‘Eeram’ also.

Track 2 is from Autograph composed by Sabesh - Murali. It is played when Senthil first meets Lathika in Kerala. The serene ambience of the backwaters of Kerala, beauty of Lathika (in the eyes of Senthil), the tempo with which boat moved all are beautifully captured in this piece.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Score Quest Fest

Guess the Tamil movies from the score cues

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