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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Re-Recording Raaja Contest

Background Score’ Blog calls for musicians, composers and any music enthusiast who can create or recreate music to “Re-Recording Raaja Contest”. As the name implies to participate in this contest one has to Re-Create background score pieces of Maestro Illayaraja.


1. A contestant can be a single person or a team.
2. Minimum 7 minutes of music has to be produced by each contestant.
3. 7 minutes of music can made as a single track or multiple tracks.
4. Re-Create and don’t remix. Stick to the original.
5. New ideas are welcome but it should not harm the beauty of the original.
6. The themes should be from movies released on or before 1992.
7. The themes should not be a derived one from one of the songs of the movie.
8. No size limit on audio files, make music of best audio quality.
9. Contestants will have One month to re-create the music. The exact start and end dates will be announced shortly.

If you are interested

Register for the Contest

Send a mail to backgroundscore@gmail.com in the following format

Subject – “I am a RRR Contestant”

Names of the Team Members (if you participate as a team):
Website address:

Last Date for Registration: June 12, 2009


Total Cash Prize of Rs.10000 is to be won.

Spread the Word

Please post a link to this announcement in your blog or in any forum that you know and help me in spreading the word about this contest.

The Contest will be held based on the number of registrations. There should a minimum of 10 contestants for the contest to continue.

Send a mail to backgroundscore@gmail.com or post in comments section for any queries or suggestions or comments.


KUMAR said...

Great Idea !

R.V.KRISHNAN said...

Wow! Raaja sir rules!

drashkum said...

minutes is a bit long!!. if you can make it 5 i have a couple of recreated themes which i can send across