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Friday, May 1, 2009

Lagaan Suite

Lagaan has A.R.Rahman’s best background score yet. I already have posted a detailed analysis on Lagaan background score here. The background score cues from Lagaan have been compiled as a Suite that plays for 32 odd minutes. Now and here you can relive the Lagaan experience in just 32 minutes through its music.

On YouTube

Act 1 – Tracks 1 – 8
Act 2 – Tracks 9 – 18
Act 3 – Tracks 19 – 33
Act 4 – Tracks 34 – 36

Track Listing

1. Aamir Productions Theme
2. Opening Credits
3. Searching the clouds of Rain
4. Gauri Introduction
5. Bhuvan Introduction
6. Captain Russell
7. Gauri and Bhuvan
8. Challenge Accepted
9. Bhuvan demonstrates Cricket to Villagers
10. Bagha and Guran Join
11. Elizabeth meets the villagers
12. Gauri’s Jealousy
13. Angry Captain Russell
14. Ismail and Arjun Join
15. Intermission
16. Elizabeth continues to help
17. Kachra can Play
18. Re bhaiyya Chhoote Lagaan
19. Match Begins
20. Goli’s Bowling
21. Deva’s wicket
22. Fielding
23. Lakha’s foul play
24. Lakha’s catch
25. Guran’s bowling
26. Bagha’s catch
27. Disappointing start
28. Yardley’s Ball
29. Lakha is out
30. Bagha out
31. Isar Kaka faints
32. Tippu the by-runner
33. Last over
34. Victory
35. Farewell to Elizabeth
36. End Credits*

* In the Original movie, the songs are played in the end credits; I always wanted the ‘Lagaan – Once Upon a Time in India’ instrumental track in the original soundtrack CD to be played in End Credits.


Ravi Krishna said...

Thanks for that.

I wonder if the original recordings of the score still exist? Now that Rahman's internationally famous I want to talk to some of the film score labels to try to see if they can get this thing released.

Arvi said...

Thanks a lot! It's of great quality!

Anup said...

Thank you so, so much for this Suresh!

To any fans reading this, this is the most complete collection of Lagaan BGMs so far as it contains so many BGM cues that are missing from the previous collection of Lagaan BGMs that are available at the moment on the net from places like rahmanism.com

But Suresh I have two requests; I was wondering if you could please post the complete collection of Lagaan BGMs for download as I noticed that you have edited some cues for the suite version when compared to your review page e.g. Bhuvan's introduction scene. It doesn't matter if voices are heard now and then in the track.
Also could you please post the BGMs in at least 192kbps quality; there are some points where the limitations of 128kbps are all too clear for the listener to hear.

Sorry if I'm being too demanding but I and many ARR fans would be so grateful for this; a complete collection of Lagaan BGMs is like the holy grail for me and many other ARR fans.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

DemonStar - Yes. It would be a great gift if some music label agrees to release such scores...

Arvi - You are welcome.

Anup - I will try my best to fulfill your demands...

Anup said...

Thanks Suresh!! I appreciate it loads :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Suresh,
Excellent work.