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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Full Movie Audio mp3

I found “Pithamagan Full Movie Story Dialogue” mp3 when I was casually browsing Flipkart’s Flyte. As far as I remember, the last film dialogue cassette I heard was that of Bhagyaraj’s Enga Chinna Rasa. I thought they stopped releasing these film dialogue cassettes decades ago, but seems like they haven’t. I haven’t seen any Film dialogue CDs, but mp3s are available on Flyte.

I have very fond memories of listening to the dialogues of Aadhiparasakthi, Saraswathi Sabadham, Thiruvilayaadal, Agathiyar, Kandhan Karunai and many such Mythological films during yearly Maariyamman Festival in our street in Salem. They would tie a cone-shaped loudspeaker on all the lamp posts and blast the complete audio track of all these films throughout the day.

Cassettes with the complete audio track from Mythological films make complete sense for they are films driven by dialogues, and they are nothing but stage drama captured on camera. But, I don’t understand the use of releasing cassette or CD or mp3 like this for a Bala’s film, where most of the key moments hardly have any conversation between characters. I wonder if listening to the Pithamagan Full Movie Story Dialogue can give you even half the experience of watching the film, even if you are someone who has seen the film umpteen times already. Maybe it can, because it also comes with Ilaiyaraaja’s background score.

While listening to just the audio track of a movie, we are forced to closely listen to the background score; we definitely become more conscious of the background score. One may not listen to the background score that is beneath the dialogues as intently while watching the movie. With just the audio track, the brain doesn’t have to process any visual images and I guess that space gets automatically allocated to absorb and process the additional layer of music in the audio track of the film.

These Film dialogue mp3s should be titled more appropriately as “Full Movie Story Dialogue & Background score”.

P.S: Why should we buy these mp3s? Simply try this. Play a favourite movie of yours in your iPod or your Smartphone, turn the screen off and just listen to the audio, and watch the images from the movie in your mind. I tried. Quite an experience, I say.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Michael Giacchino

If you a film score fan, this Video in which Michael Giacchino - one of the Hollywood film score composer whose work I intently follow - talks about making music for Pixar films is a must watch.

Watch it for

He plays "Carl Goes Up" scene from Up with the alternate score that he initially composed for the scene, and he explains why they decided to scrap that piece and composed what is there in the film now.

Recording session Video of Mater's Theme for Cars 2

Lots of trivia and anecdotes about film scoring, film scoring process.

And, simply for the charming way he presents all of it.