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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Star Trek & Angel and Demons

I am neither a follower of 'Star Trek' movie series nor have seen American TV series “Lost”. The name Michael Giacchino as composer drew my attention towards the soundtrack of the new ‘Star Trek’ movie. I totally admired the jazzy orchestral background score of 'The Incredibles' by Michael Giacchino even while watching the movie for the first time. Again in 'Ratatouille' he came out with a brilliant score. There is always a freaking madness in his style of orchestration that I like. The main theme of the new 'Star Trek' is instantly catchy. There are many bombastic action cues with catchy leitmotifs. On the whole, it is a classic Hollywood orchestral score made for a summer blockbuster movie.

Hans Zimmer repeats the best cue from the soundtrack “Da Vinci Code”, the “Chevalier De Sangreal” in “Angels and Demons” with a layer of Solo violin playing the main theme along with the orchestra. The music of “Angels and Demons” is synth and symphony. The mix of synth and symphony might be deliberate to sound the clash that happens between science and religion in the story. Anyone who has read both “Angels and Demons” and “Da Vinci Code” would agree that former has more action and understandably Hans Zimmer has gone for a high energy orchestral score with layers of synth, thundering percussions and full throttled choral sections. The score seems to be slavishly playing out to the cuts in the visuals and hence some of the cues would be better appreciated after watching the movie.

I am eager to listen to these two scores on high quality once the CD of these soundtracks hit the stores in India.


Ravi Krishna said...

Loved these two. Star Trek is a great score by Giacchino indeed. I loved his new theme and the rendition of Alexander Courage's theme with choir. "Enterprising Young Men" and "End Credits" are my favourites. Looking forward to his score to "Land Of The Lost"! Shame his score to "Up" is being released as MP3 download only, I hoped for a CD.

Angels & Demons is terrific indeed. Hans is my idol and rarely ever lets me down. I haven't seen the movie yet but some friends who watched it told me the score was excellent and fit the movie well. Loved Joshua Bell's violin solos. Easily one of the best scores of this year. The tracks "160 BPM" and "Science & Religion" are my favourites.

What other scores are you looking forward to this year, Suresh? I can't wait for -

* Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (John Powell)
* G.I. Joe (Alan Silvestri)
* Sherlock Holmes (Hans Zimmer)
* Avatar (James Horner)
* The Princess And The Frog (Randy Newman)

I wish they bring back John Williams for the final Harry Potter movie(s)...

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Demonstar - All the soundtrack you mentioned are on my wish list too.... especially 'UP'...

And yes JW is being missed in harry potter movies... John Williams's Hogwarts Theme is one of my all time favourites..

Ravi Krishna said...

Danny Elfman's score for the new Terminator movie sounds interesting too.

Unfortunately it looks like "Up" is going to be a download only release - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002A4ZN1A/ref=dm_sp_alb?ie=UTF8&qid=1242516502&sr=8-3

I wished they had released it on CD. Disney Records loves to find ways to save money at the compromise of quality!