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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Answer for Background Score - 57

This piece is from ‘Ninaivellam Nithya’. Composer – Who else it could be but Illayaraja.

The background score of this movie and particularly this love theme is one classic example of Raaja trying everything possible to prevent the movie from the poor script, screenplay, direction and the stony expressions of the lead pair which should ideally spread romanticism in air. There is no romance in anything in this movie but Raaja’s music. Even if Raaja scores another 1000 movies, one cannot stop admiring the way he constructs and uses such beautiful themes in movies.

The initial flute bit where the lead pair meets for the first time is a nice warm up melody for the flute which is so eagerly waiting to play the gorgeous love theme. Raaja firmly registers the place of action with a simple guitar accompaniment, and he amazingly plays with the rhythm of it for different moods on various situations - sometimes as chords on piano, sometimes as staccato on strings, and sometimes on rustic tribal percussions to differentiate the subtlety of the emotions in different situations.

Raaja might have felt that such deadly expressions on heroine’s face require another great melody to save the scenes, and hence the Celtic violin piece that beautifully complements the main theme.

Initially, we hear a simple bass line running parallel to the main theme, it isn’t really in the fore and that perfectly works for the lighter moments of romance. But once relationship turns stronger, and as one becomes an emotional burden on the other, the bass gets heavier. The heavy bass line beautifully works for the heaviness of the situation in which the guy slaps the girl he loves the most in this world. Musically too, the bass line is just out of the world counter melody to the main theme.

Raaja rightfully brings in multiple layers of western choirs in latter portions for the love that suffers more opposition and reaches a musically epic end. Raaja adds another layer of Oboe to the main theme that appears in these sad portions to make it sound more sympathetic. (But I wonder why there wasn’t any real Oboe player when he recorded this music; the keyboard oboe tone sounds so artificial).

Ninaivellam Nithya Love Theme - Download

Watch the highlights (for the score) from the movie below

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