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Friday, June 8, 2012

Shanghai Theme

Except for the omnipresent Dhol Drums, there is not much background music in the film. Once in a while, I remember hearing plucked strings echoing T.A. Krishnan’s state of mind, that too only very briefly. Dibakar Banerjee’s previous film Love, Sex aur Dhokha, also had no background score throughout the film except for a haunting Piano theme that gave a closure to all characters in all the three stories towards the end of the film. In Shanghai too, there is just only one big musical stretch. The combination of muted ambient soundtrack and the musical score (Composed by Mickey McCleary) in full volume, especially because there is no recognizable music throughout the film, works to great effect. Though there is no background score, the narrative and the performances are so gripping that you don’t realize it until we get to this long musical moment.

Shanghai Theme

The Composer Mickey McCleary has uploaded the entire background score on Soundcloud


Versatim said...


Where did you get the background score from? Has it been officially released somewhere?

I have to thank you a hell lot for this! Have been looking for it for a long long time.

Can you get the background score of Gangs of Wasseypur and That Girl in Yellow Boots as well please?


P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Versatim - Yes. Mikey himself released the soundtrack on Soundcloud.

I have a theme from "That Girl in Yellow Beats" here


I am yet to watch Gangs of Wasseypur.

Versatim said...

I see. Please do watch Gangs of Wasseypur - a brilliant cinematic experience and the background score is pretty intense. Would be glad if you could get your hands on it :)

Versatim said...

Yes - this was exactly the theme piece I was looking for in That girl in yellow boots. Seems to have been taken out directly from the movie file?

Is there any original version, official rather?

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Versatim - Sorry, Nope.