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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Film Score Fans in Television

In the Flying Themes post, Ravi Krishna mentioned the cue The Egg Travels (2:20) from the film Dinosaur as one that would fit the theme of my playlist. I heard the piece. Almost towards the end of the track, I realized that I have heard it before, many times. Yes, I hear last few seconds of Egg Travels every day in KTV as the lead music that plays just before the 8 p.m movie “Super Hit Iravu Kattchi”.

I have heard many such Hollywood scores and non-Indian instrumental music on TV and they got firmly etched in my mind, much before I started watching Hollywood films.

John Williams’ Star Wars Theme played in the background whenever a Winner in announced in the Filmfare Awards.

Yanni’s Standing in Motion (3:00) – I heard in one of Sun TV’s special shows where they brought in a Train, the winner of a contest from all over Tamilnadu to some amusement park in Chennai.

Yanni’s Santorini – A show in Raj TV called Crush’s Dhaagam Dhaagam

Even very recently,

I heard the cue Success Montage from the movie Wanted first on Vijay TV Awards show’s Promo.

Surprisingly, some of the cues from Indian film scores were also used for TV shows

I heard A.R.Rahman’s May Maadham Theme first as the title music of Solomon Paappayya’s Dhinam Oru Thirukkural in Sun TV

Prakash Raj’s theme from Duet and the logo music of Television series Production Company called “Minbimbangal”

I heard the Jazzy action cue from Dharmathin Thalaivan first as the theme music of the then Sun Movies Channel.

Even this last week, In Indian Idol, they were playing A.R.Rahman’s Moments of Kerala from Ek Deewana Tha as background music in one of the emotional moments.

In Airtel Super Singer Junior, in the audition round, whenever a contestant is through to the next round they play an exhilarating orchestral piece, which I am sure, must be Yanni’s. They played even A.R.Rahman’s Animal Spirits (3:15) from Couples Retreat many times in the preliminary rounds.

And I lost the count of the TV shows and serials that used tracks from A.R.Rahman’s Warrior of Heaven and Earth.

Some hard core film score fans in India are working in Television.

I am quite sure that in next few weeks I would catch a cue from A.R.Rahman's People Like Us soundtrack in some TV channel.

Let me know if you have spotted any themes from Hollywood or Indian film scores in Television shows.


Vijayan Balaji said...

The prelude from Madrasa suthi paaka poren used in SUN TV show INDA NAAL INIYA NAAL by Suki Sivam.

Sharavana said...

Not to forget the usage of "A Beautiful mind" movie score in Kamal's 50th year function by Vijay TV.

Umesh said...

The prelude in "thaathom thalangu thathom" was used regularly by K TV in Trailer Time few years back.

Anonymous said...

How can anybody forget the "Naghardhana Naghardhana thanana" tune from Chinna Veedu used for Nithy, Ranjitha kujaal scene in some news channel :P

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Vijayan Balaji - Yes. How did I forget that. And also interlude from "Thanneril Kaadhalikkum" for Weather Report in Sun TV.

Sharavana - Yes. I remember that. Beautiful piece that one by James Horner.

Umesh - Yes. Remember that. That prelude for used in some other show also, forgot which one. I clearly remember getting surprised when I finally heard that piece as a prelude in that song.

Anandham - I totally missed this Nithya episode on TV. Mostly only the related youtube videos.

Kaushik said...

Also 'Yaaradhu' from Mr. Romeo was played as title track for Ilamai Pudhumai programme on Sun TV.

Shaneem said...

They use all sorts of music for free.Even western classical music..This popular cookery show had vivaldi's four seasons-spring as the title music.I used to wake up every sunday morning, listening to this wonderful music.I identified it as four seasons years later.
Also A.R.Rahman's haunting tune "Bombay Sleeps" was engraved in my mind long before I heard it in Bombay Dreams.It was extensively used in many malayalam soap serials which my mother used to watch.
Yanni's santorini is played even today in many award shows.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Kaushik - Yes, preludes and interludes from many popular songs became theme music for TV shows. Sun TV's Comedy Time theme is from the song "Vaadi Pottapulla veliya" (Kaalam Maari Pochchu). I am not sure how many people know the song, but they would surely remember this piece because of the Comedy time show. But, I am surprised by the use of background score pieces in TV shows.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Shaneem - Yes. Even Bombay dreams music did quite well on TV. Santorini is the all time favourite of many TV producers.

Amal said...

A R Rahman's Roja track puduvellai mazhai(ye haseen wadiyaan) tune is used as a background score in colors channel tv serial "Chal Sheh Aur Mat" as chorus humming. Who ever the music director of the show is,has used the song's tune nicely and wisely.

dan solo said...

The Air New Zealand viral add for their safety announcement was brillaint and obviously piggy backed off the Hobbit and it's score.
Very clever campaign.

dan solo

dan solo said...

The Air New Zealand viral add for their safety announcement was brillaint and obviously piggy backed off the Hobbit and it's score.
Very clever campaign.

dan solo