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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Memoirs of a Rahmaniac

A.R. Rahman completes 20 Years in Indian Film music. I wish A.R. Rahman continues to make music that I like, like he has always been. So looking forward to the next two decades of A.R. Rahman’s music!

I started writing Memoirs of a Rahmaniac to post it in here on 20th anniversary, but as I kept pouring my heart out and writing about every little thing that happened in my life in association with A.R. Rahman’s music, the whole write-up grew so huge in size that I realized that it cannot be just a blog post. What started off as a 2000-word blog post became 18000-word e-book. I don’t have to add much to Memoirs of a Rahmaniac to make it the Autobiography of an A.R. Rahman fan. This was pretty much my life from 1992 – 2012.

A.R. Rahman is no Mozart. I am no Salieri. And Memoirs of a Rahmaniac is no Amadeus. But you get the idea.

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Memoirs of a Rahmaniac - Preview


R.Balamurugan said...

Lost for words.......

varadharajan said...

Man I must say you made me cry wit nostalgia..such a well written article from my personal view as its the same tats experienced by him in childhood.. But wat how can one forget indra wen it comes to growing nostalgia wit rahman songs..still remember shaking my belly for odakara maarimuthu and dancing mad for columbus and haira hairaba...my mom being an hardcore fan of rahman too got me audio cassettes from roja to kandukonden ...still I hear my mom's words 'avan paatu veri thanama ketta mattum pathathu avana madiri munneranum'..there ve been no pongal and diwali in my house without rahman songs the days where I kept my ears within the speaker of tape recorder for putham puthu boomi still stands fresh in memory,whenever I remember my nostalgia only the smiling rahman wit less formal shirts come in my mind..no matter wat this man composes from now on I ll always be a rahmaniac and it ll be a pride for me..

Aravind said...

Thanks for this post, Suresh!

I could relate with everything you've written in this post! Wonderful nostalgic trip :D

Thanks! :)

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Varadharaajan - Thank you. I didn't get to listen to every A.R.Rahman album at the time of its release. Most of them were later discoveries. With Indira, I don't have any special memory, except that I was happy to see "Odakaara maarimuthu", a tamil folk song in "Ek Se Badkar Ek" program.

I was so madly in love with Jeans songs when it released. The movie was extensively promoted in all forms of media. In Kumudam weekly Tamil magazine, they published the lyrics of the song "Anbae Anbae Kollathey" before the release of music. I remember trying to set that lyrics to a tune and when I heard how A.R.Rahman has tuned those lines I read, I was stunned.

Blogeswari said...

What an awesome post. Serious-aave feeling romba emotional.. For me personally, Rahman's music is the only thing that can cheer me up after a bad day,teriyuma? And not a day begins without listening to any of his songs. Seriously, suprabatham madiri enakku...

And the biggggest high of my life so far has been working with Rahman on a project.

Thanks for this post again!

Mahesh said...

hahaha...I can't believe I had a very similar journey as a Rahmaniac. Dil Se was a transformational experience for me too. I used to listen to music before - a lot of Raaja in that. I had even bought Cassettes of Rahman's earlier albums (Bombay was the first!)....But Dil Se was the first one to strike a chord at a very personal level....that was the moment Music started to mean so much to me...

I can't believe you write so well on Music despite starting so late. incredible mate. Cheers. Keep up the great work!

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Blogeswari - Thank you.

Worked with Rahman aa!! - which project? Secret a?

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Mahesh - Thank you. Dil se was truly a major milestone in Rahman's career. Many who thought Rahman as a flash-in-the-pan took him seriously only after Dil se happened.

varadharajan said...

Even though as a rahmaniac i m happy and proud wit his hollywood projects..but still feel..tat hollywood has stole my musical mother..missing him so deeply from heart..
P.s:was watching swades today..was thinking wy does this suresh write an article on this score..pls man pls

Fatmate45 said...

Thank you so much Suresh for this wonderful article. I am not Indian, I don't understand any of the Indian languages, but I love AR Rahman. The reason is simple. He's a wonderful tune maker. With all of his greatness, I can't help but see his humility. I have never seen him talk bad about anyone in an interview. People criticize him, but he never return the criticism. What a great man to have come out of India..

Fatmate45 said...

Suresh, did you do any write-up on Couples Retreat scores?

I really love the below listed score:

Couples Retreat Soundtrack - Animal Spirits

The above score made me to fall in love with Rahman even more.

Unknown said...

awesome post :)

maheshkumar said...

Superb article brother, really felt nostalagic , thanks for kindling the fond memories.

aarthi said...

Lovely writing suresh!! The earlier part abt how a musician conceives his music was wonderful, and i have always tried my best to make few insane ppl understand that, but have failed :( But as u said, i ve always loved being ignorant in their eyes :)

Have had a very similar experience like urs all this 19 yrs :) Only difference was my elder brother kindled the Rahmanism is me :) He bought casseates with his little pocket money and made me fall in love with Rahman's music :)

Very nostalgic Suresh!!
Thanks :)

Mag said...

Dear Suresh,

It is Magesh. Hope u remember me. Ur college-mate Meta branch. Thanks for Prem (Chemical) for guiding me to ur site & blogs. My first reaction to this article is ‘Stunned’ and regretting myself how I missed out following ur blogs since its inception. The simplest of narrative combined with superb timing is all of a learning experience for me Exs being a) Sequence of ARR’s film & song release b) transcendence of music players (from tape recorder to Bose system), c) memories of childhood journeying towards adulthood with our college background & d) finally the flow of article not with any repetitives.

Yeah u r rite in viewing ARR is one of legends today to grace the music world and although I never miss to hear his songs, but I was not very organized like u in buying a m/c for me & then cassettes, CDs, DVDs, etc. The ARR’s music still gives us goose-bumps & such an exhilarating feeling (dejavu). Since u ‘ve started listening & appreciating music in hindi films also, I suggest you to listen to ‘Kishore Kumar’ hits. Earlier I too gave a damn thought of listening to old songs whether be it in Hindi or in any other language. But hearing some of the melodies penned by ‘R D Burman’ & sung by the legendary Kishore Kumar (with his eternal voice), I too changed. Suggest you to enjoy those classics.

Write more & v r there to read & motivate u for this beautiful work.


Vish said...

Excellent write up.. A big thanks for a walk down the memory lane..

And can't agree more about what you wrote on Thiruda Thiruda.. what a stunningly innovative album, much ahead of its times..

And after all these years, Rahman swept me all over again recently with "Dil Gira Dafatan".. And it tops my Most-Played-Songs playlist in iTunes (1500 times).

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Magesh - Honestly, only after checking your name "Magesh Sargunan" I recognized you. Glad you liked my writing.

Yes. I am already digging RDB's music..

Vish - Oh! yes "Dil Gira Daftan" is truly an out-of-the-world composition.

sheikdr said...

AR Rahman is really great


mysticnmovies said...

Superb post..From Tape Recorder to BOSE and Roja to Superheavy..This is heartwarming...

Fatmate45 said...

For all Rahmaniac who haven't seen this yet, go here to see ARR play a wonderful piano interlude:

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Fatmate45 - Thanks for the link. I have seen this concert. Best ever A.R.Rahman concert in my opinion.

Sundar said...

Hi Suresh,

Most of the memories you had correlated with me as well. I used to have goose bumps when I heard Uzhavan songs before Sun TV begins their telecast around 6PM in the evening. I will be waiting for all the days in a week to find out which song comes in 'Ek se badkar yaek'. I remember only one tamil song would come in the top 10.

I wont have the understanding to differentiate the music director that time. But now I am realizing I have grown with listening Rahman's film music. We had a mono tape recorder set and I pressurized my parents for a big set to listen Bombay songs (Later I came to know I was asking for a stereo set)

First time I have seen plastic audio cassette boxes is for Rangeela. I preserved it like a jewel for so many yrs without a scratch even.

Thanks for the autograph.

- Sundar

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

1 . I think Sonakshi Sinha is the hottest of them all and my favourite. Which one do you prefer?

Shal said...

Im flattered Sir..
this is really an awesome nostalgic content.
One word.
Ella pughazhum iravanukke..
for me, the music god A. R. Rahman Sir.

Anonymous said...

She's been called a fashionista, a style icon and a spoilt rich kid, But Sonam Kapoor is here to stay http://on.fb.me/cCNfrM

. said...

Excellent compilation Suresh,
This is the story of many Rahmaniac….specially people nearing 30….
Can’t agree with u more on the way we grow up along with ar rehman..and the other one is Sachin….
These people are the ones entertained and surprised us by their stunning performances again and again…….

Some more nostalgic moments associated with ar rehman of my school times…..
Only after Ar rehman, they have introduced this box type cassette cover (kadhalan was the first one I gues..not sure)…we fondly called “dappa” cassette.
Studied in St. Josephs school trichy, as us said by stealing money from dad pocket, saving money by not taking tickets in daily bus travel somehow managed to run Sri Ram musicals opposite to St.Josephs college get that dappa cassettes.

Without doubt, Minsara kanavu is one of the divine experience……theme music…vennilavae…..and soga version of vennilavae…in my 11th std…we used to bunk school and watched this movie atleast 20 times in Maris theatre, we will wait for that soga version of vennilavae and leave the theatre…..

And uyire, till date I believe this is the best album of ar rehman….Though a dubbing flim, the lyrics of vairamthuthu is also amazing….

Never studied hindi, still able to remember the lyrics of Rangeela, Taal, Doli Saja Ke Rakhna….All Rahman magic…..
Proud to be a Rahmaniac..From Roja to till my 12th std, I was able to have his full collection including hindi, except few most of them original (including dappa) cassets,…when ever visiting hometown, and to see this cassettes itself will give nice feel of Rahman’s music and childhood/school days memories….

Thanks again for this piece….Keep writing….:)


Travel expert Shamim said...

I love A R Rahman. He made many many good music for us. I hope he will sing a Bangla song one day. I would love to see that. Hmmmm...

Anush said...

suresh...u r awesome !! if I had the writing ability, i would write almost the same words u have written above. Almost so same for me in my childhood also...u made me speechless by this article..no words to explain more and a bunch of thanks for such a nostalgic and nice one...