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Memoirs of a Rahmaniac Reviews

Memoirs of a Rahmaniac is a celebration of twenty years of omnipresence of AR Rahman's music in Sureshkumar's life.

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I finished reading this memoirs in one go, something that I've not done in long. The main thing (something that I always associate with your writing) is that this is so honest, heartfelt, and simple-to-read-yet-effective. I might not really do justice to the amount of effort you've put into writing this, but I am sure I am going to go back and read this multiple times :-) So many many small incidents that brought a smile on my face, big time.

The progression in the post, from a school kid who waited to listen to the songs on the Sun TV juke box to the point where you get to have your name alongside His name in the VTV special disc, is something that you should be really proud of :-)

The segment where you describe what happened at Hyatt Regency hotel literally brought tears to my eyes. I can't help but imagine how you'd have felt that day.


Today I read the book "Memoris of Rahmanic". I started to read the book with an expectation of an interview with AR Rahman. As I read I understood that its about your wonderful musical journey. The book is well written. Congratz!!! All the best for all your future efforts. The book is Emotional too, I felt disturbed after reading the book.


It was a great read considering it's a very personal account. At some places, the experiences during new soundtrack releases you mentioned was mine too. Sincerely wish you will be able to publish the book on scores. Best wishes for the same.


I recently got to read "Memoirs of a Rahmaniac", first of all, thank you for writing such an impressive book and more importantly sharing it with us. I was deeply moved and I always had this "feeling" but never had the opportunity to share with people. So reading this gave me an insight, a conversation with myself. I wish this book never ended. The indulgence and fanaticism that are expressed through out the book are admirable. I find this book to be a treasure, which I will keep for the rest of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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We Rahmaniacs are truly blessed. DamnTrue! By the man, his music and rahmaniacs like @ursmusically. Take a bow, Suresh! #MemoirsOfARahmaniac

@ursmusically Yes! This is the first book I read in a stretch. ARRSomeness :). I am gifting this to few rahmaniacs, I'll pay for those.

@ursmusically Of course! Compulsive page turner. Finished in half an hour. :)

@ursmusically Could literally feel your pain from that night at the Hyatt. Brilliant read, sir. Good luck with your interview :)

Reading @ursmusically 's Memoirs of a Rahmaniac. A Deja vu moment in every paragraph.

I read ur book sir.Was very much moved by ur intense involvement wid ARR &his music.Its a gift to d Rahmaniacs.Thanks a lot!!

@ursmusically As an EMI payer and a dad, money and time have become scarce these days. But your memoir was both wonderfully spent! Kudos

@ursmusically Sirji,Read your Memoirs of Rehamaniac .Loved it,Could connect easily as I had NIT Bg and being from the same Time period.

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A must buy book for all Rahmaniacs written by Suresh Kumar P S available at www.backgroundscore.com, a heartfelt tribute to the king of our hearts

after reading this preview..I feel every rahmaniac would love to relate their lives with this. This represents the Voice of every Die hard Rahmaniac.! Kudos to P.S Sureshkumar

Recently purchased & read "Memoirs of a Rahmaniac", Amazing! The day is not so far off... All the very best, Godspeed!

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Man ... no words! simply astounding!


Hey Suresh, I just downloaded the book and read it in one go. Maybe it took me about 45 minutes or so.

Thanx for providing more raw material to soak my time n consciousness with this Rahman e-book. Have nearly stopped viewing full movies to save time – had thought of resisting even musical clips etc., And then ‘good wishers’ like u leave such stuff. To take my attention. Thanx a lot anyways

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