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Monday, September 27, 2010

Nothing But Wind

Nothing But Wind is a compilation of background score cues from following films

Nothing But Wind

1. Paadum Paravaigal - 00:00 - 00:37
2. Idhayaththai Thirudathey - 00:38 - 01:02
3. Pithamagan - 01:03 - 01:48
4. Thalabadhi - 01:49 - 01:54
5. Idhayam - 01:55 - 02:20
6. Agni Nakshatram - 02:21 - 02:48
7. Aan Paavam - 02:49 - 03:31
8. Gopura Vaasalilae - 03:32 - 04:25
9. Guna - 04:26 - 04:42
10. Ninaivellam Nithya - 04:43 - 05:27
11. Vanna Vanna Pookal - 05:26 - 06:01
12. Vetri Vizha - 06:02 - 07:04
13. Ullaasa Paravaigal - 07:05 - 07:31
14. Naadodi Thendral - 07:32 - 08:32
15. Singaara Velan - 08:33 - 09:17
16. Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai - 09:18 - 09:49
17. Visha Thulasi - 09:50 - 10:45


dafatanly said...

I thought this was the Album by Ilaiyaraja. Isn't there one by this same name?

Dilip said...

Very nice compilation. Great job dude!!

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

dafatanly - Yes. There is.

Dilip - Thank you.

Ramki said...

Did find similarities but not so much so it can be called as a mere compilation !

BTW, u have missed analysis of what i call 1 hr of genius music - kudaikkul mazhai !!

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Ramki - I have been searching "Kudaikkul Mazhai" DVD for a long time. Worse, it is not even available anywhere online for download. It has brilliant score by Karthik Raaja. I would love to write about it.

Ganapathy Ram said...

Ah i knew that Idayathai thirudathey titles right???

and pithamagan -i had no clue ,but sounded familiar

Thalabadhi-how did i miss that b, thats when rajni and shobana speak right ??

And i got Idhayam correctly

agninakshatram - again no clue

Aan pavam- this one i didn't get the movie name yet sounded familiar , its kinda love theme of seetha and pandian i guess

i got correct about Gopura vasaliley again

And guna was alien for me again

Ninaivellam nitya - i guess i already heard it only in ur blog and forgot it

I also vetri vizha right

and reamining i didn't had a chance

I should have gone for repeated hearing and i hope could have done with some more

Ganapathy Ram said...

And A wonderful Complilation

Is nadodi thendral , the title again??

i think i had heard the track from ur site again , and i haven't seen most films here

Sigara velan - again title , now things unfold as the names are out :)

I shoudl have got kadhalukku mariyadai , haven't i got that , its that celebration theme at the kuppam right??

Vishva thulasi was superb indeed , but i had no idea

thanks again for the wonderful compilation suresh

And try this if u haven't heard this before


P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Ganapathy ram - To be honest, if someone else had sent this compilation to me and asked me guess the films, I also wouldn't have guessed many.

Yes, most of the pieces are from film's Title credits. Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai bit is when the whole village is shown to be preparing for Jeeva and Mini's marriage.

I have heard 'Uliyin Oosai' BGMs once before. This is one is nice. Have to load them into my ipod.

Ganapathy Ram said...

Yeah i just happened to hear that recently

loved it a lot thats why thought of sharing :)

Vijay said...

Great Compilation Suresh!. I missed the puzzle, when you posted first. I loved each and every one. It is always a pleasure to hear Maestro's background score. I Never feel tired. Especially I love 'Gopura Vasalile' title score. Starting with a single flute, how Maestro builds the Devathai Poloru song very slowly. Goosebump stuff! Hearing "Vishwa Tulasi" for the first time, very soothing.

Thanks a lot!!

Vipin said...

the best song from that album to me though is composer's breath. brilliantly haunting music.

Vipin said...

thanx for this listing btw.. :)