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Monday, August 2, 2010

Background Score - 71 is

This piece is from Chinna Veedu. Composer – Ilaiyaraaja. The immense sympathy that Kalpana’s character in the film gained might partly be because of Bhaghyaraj’s screenplay, dialogues and performances. However, the emotional impact or rather the weep-quotient of the scenes couldn’t have been so much without Ilaiyaraaja’s theme that tickles the tear buds at right spots throughout the film.


Ganapathy Ram said...

aah , that weep in that piece was the one made me think it was Kai kodukum kai , wonderful music indeed , would watch for this piece next time i watch the movie and i remember the Nikarthana .. music so well at the mention of this movie name ;)

Clipped.in - Explore Indian blogs said...

indeed it is a touching score.. and that is why he is the maestro..

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Ganapathy Ram - Yes. That 'Nadhirdhaana' is the most popular theme from the film, which even Venkat Prabhu used in "Goa"