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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Needle Drops

Is Ilaiyaraaja doing the background score for Anubhav Sinha’s “Ra.One”? He definitely is doing one song in the film about which Sukhwinder Singh has given an interview. I don’t think Ilaiyaraaja would agree to do only one song in a film and so there is a good chance of the news about him writing the score, being true. I heard that it is a science fiction film. If Ilaiyaraaja is doing, it is going to be Budapest Symphony Orchestra again and as it is a big budget Shahrukh Khan Film, there is a very good chance of background score getting released in the soundtrack CD. Let us wait and watch.

It is confirmed. A.R.Rahman is doing the background score for Danny Boyle’s next “127 Hours”. Matt Dunkley - the Orchestrator, has posted a message in his webpage that he is orchestrating and conducting A.R.Rahman’s score for 127 Hours in London.

August 2010 - orchestrating and conducting A.R.Rahman's beautiful score to Danny Boyle's new movie "127 Hours", which will close the London Film Festival.

Matt’s response in Facebook about the score -

"It's beautiful as always - with electric guitars mixed in with orchestral strings and samples. No songs as far as I know - it's more subtle under-score fitting the subject matter of the movie, which deals with one man's triumph over adversity and the power of the human spirit"

Now, the trailer is out with A.R.Rahman's name in the credits

I saw “Naan Mahaan Alla” on a cam-rip and therefore cannot comment on Yuvan’s background score as a whole. Even in that dirty, small sized cam-rip I saw, the film is thoroughly engaging. I ripped two themes that I could hum on the very first viewing of the film. Here they are

Naan Mahaan Alla – Villan Theme and Title Music

Naan Mahaan Alla – Love Theme


Dilip said...

Thanks Suresh. I am really excited to see Ilayaraja composing BGM for Ra1. If they release a OST, then what else we want

Ganapathy Ram said...

I too heard about the Ra One buzz ,hope raaja sir does that and give som superb piece like that in lajja's title track (I thought it should have been there in ur post Ilayaraja's incredits)

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Dilip - Yes.

Ganapathy Ram - Believe me. I tried to fit it into Ilaiyaraaja's Incredits, but for that I thought I had to watch full "Lajja" movie, but I couldn't get any CD or DVD of the film at that time.

Ganapathy Ram said...

ya ya , thats right i too had heard that as a standalone piece :)