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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Answer for Background Score - 46

This piece is from Pushpak (Pesum Padam in Tamil). Composer – L.Vaidhyanathan. I always wanted to watch this movie as I knew that it is a silent film without any dialogues and so there would be a lot of scope and work for the composer to communicate the emotions in the visuals through his background score. Though I felt that overall there is too much of music being used and also didn’t like overtly cheesy synth usage in the score, there are lot of scoring moments where the score beautifully underscores like the one in which this piece is used.

Kamal meets Amala for the first time in a shop, where she is trying different ear rings to select the one that fits her taste. As she is looking into a mirror, she finds in the mirror that a stranger (Kamal) is also watching her from behind. And she notices that he is keenly watching her. The pleasant sitar piece constantly flows in the background, the flute pops up in between when Amala tries one ear ring and looks into the mirror for Kamal’s approval and as Kamal show a rejecting reaction in his face, what starts of as a pleasant piece goes off-track and cuts itself and this happens for each ear ring Amala tries and Kamal rejects but finally when Amala finds the one ear ring that Kamal likes, the relieved flute piece plays a definite melody in its entirety giving a fine finish to the scene and also to the music piece.


Unknown said...

I thought so, but was doubtful hence didn't respond.

There is also a very nice theme music. I also heard an interview that they had used the same notes for the car horn sound in different places. The notes goes something like this: P S M G S G

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Ramesh - I will try to figure out that Horn sound in the movie. Two more pieces that I liked are Tinu Anand's theme and Love theme. Will post them also sometime later.