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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rahman's First for SdM Score

A.R.Rahman wins in ‘Best Musical Score’ category in L.A Critic’s Award - his first award for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ score. It is not for the ‘Jai Ho’ song but for the complete background score. It won over Alexandre Desplat’s score for ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’.

For best musical score, the group voted for A.R. Rahman, a go-to composer for Bollywood films making his debut on a Western film in "Slumdog Millionaire," besting Alexandre Desplat for "Benjamin Button."

Also, Rahman gets nominations in the Original Song and Background Score categories in 14th Annual Critic’s Choice Award.


Anonymous said...

ARR got what he deserved !

Reminding me the evergreen Roja Days when he got all the State and National Awards for his music score for his Debut Indian Movie which was later declared by the TIME Magazine as one of the 10 Best Soundtracks of the last century ! :-)

Between here's the Official Declaration..



Srujana said...

Good..So atlast your guess came true Suresh...as you were skeptic in your last post about he getting a award for this...Might not be oscar but atleast a critics Award :)