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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Background Score - 1

Guess the Movie . A very easy one to start with. But there is a reason why I chose this as the first BGM to post.

Here is the Answer


Unknown said...

I think this is from the film mozhi. This sequence comes first in the movie and it highlights the importance of BGM to a scene. First the sequence comes without any music. Later, the composers prithvi raj and prakash raj add music to the sequence and brings life to the visuals.

Anonymous said...

Mozhi. And, is the reason that the background music of this sequence is itself about background music scores in Tamil cinema?

Anonymous said...

maybe Karakattakaran.

Bala (Karthik) said...


And your reason?

Unknown said...

It is from the movie Mozhi. But I dunno the reason why you chose this.


Anonymous said...

hmm...Molzhi seems to have caught your attention on the BGM score

Adiya said...

Mozhi : recording BGMs intro
are we correct

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Ramesh - You answer is perfect.

Zero - Right answer and you got the correct reason also.

Arun - No. It is Mozhi but yes it invokes Illayaraja and music of Karagattakaran times quite well

Bala - Correct. Read my answer post for the reason

Soma - Correct. Read my answer post for the reason

anon - It is not becoz of Mozhi, it got interested long long back...

adiya - Correct.