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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Welcome to backgroundscore.com

Why ”I” blog about background score?

What this blog is about

What will I find here?

Analysis on Film Background Score (Thoughts on Score)

This is one of the primary reasons for starting this blog. Post with label “Thoughts on Scores” have a detailed write-up of my understanding of some of my favourite Indian movie background scores. These posts analyse the background score of the films in detail and audio clips of the background music cues of almost the entire film is provided to help the readers. If the film’s background score was officially released, then the post would not have any audio clips.

Background Score Quest

I wanted to post background score pieces (thousands of them) that I have gathered over year, but to make it more interesting, I decide to post them without revealing the movie name. I found this way of posting background music pieces, a great way to interact with the readers of this blog. It also keeps the blog more alive, engaging and fun. All such posts are tagged with ‘Background Score Quest’. Mostly, background score from movies in Tamil and Hindi have been posted so far in this section.

This Piece is From

Post labelled as ”Answer” are those that reveal the name of the movie to which the previously posted background score belongs to. These posts also have a short description of the music cue, its importance in the film, and reasons why I like them or why, in some case, do not like them. These posts always have a link to the original post in which the corresponding background music cue was posted for quizzing.


Our Indian films are rich with songs and music. Often our composers use different instrumental versions of the melody of a song from the movie as a background score cue. The posts having ‘Instrumental’ tag will have such background score pieces with a description of the same.

The background score pieces posted under ‘Background Score Quest’ or ‘Instrumentals’ aren’t those one gets to download all over the internet. The pieces posted are of decent quality. The audio clips posted in these sections will have different versions of a movie’s theme thematically strung together as a single music piece. In this way, these music pieces could give a much more wholesome listening experience.

For example, the version of piano theme of Rang De Basanti posted here cannot be heard anywhere else, and so is Mohan Theme from ‘Mouna Raagam’ available here.


Indian film music composers are quite notorious for their plagiarising skills, a quality of which they extended to their film background scores too. In the posts labelled as ‘Plagiarism’, the original version and the Indian version of the background music are posted with audio clips.

Their Scores

This blog primarily being about India film music scores, in the posts tagged as ‘Their Scores’, the background score of Hollywood and other foreign films are discussed.

Tags for Movie, Composers, Directors, Language

Almost every single post in this blog talks about background score of one or more films and therefore, every post is labelled with the name of the film, name of the film composer, the name of the director of the movie and the language of the movie. This makes digging the blog for posts related any particular film maker or a film composer is made easier.

For example,




Ashutosh Gowariker


Slumdog Millionaire



News or Needle Drops

Posts tagged with ‘News’ or “Needle Drops” have latest news, updates and titbits of information about background scores of upcoming movies, composer interviews etc.

And there’s much more..