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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Background Score - 78

Ilaiyaraaja Background Score Quiz. Guess the films from the background score clip. There are more than one film in some of the clips, and there could be more than one cue from the same film in the quiz. There are 24 clips.

Ilaiyaraaja Background Score Quiz from backgroundscore on 8tracks Radio.

Nagaraja Chozhan M.A, Villain goes Bald, Captain, Time Machine, Power of Thalapathi

Not by Ilaiyaraaja

Time Machine

I want a child

Yerikkaraiyilae Ennio Morricone

Escape from Asylum - Nandalala

People's Power - Pazhassi Raaja

Celtic Sathileelavathi

Meena Introduction

Chinna Veedu

Cascade of clouds floating away to give us a glimpse of Moon

Towards the Devil's Kitchen

Veera is a Singer

Henry Mancini for Hefty Wife

Moi Virundhu

Vishwa Thulasi

Becoming a Woman

Kind Karnan - Verum Panam

Vishwa Thulasi

Prelude to Thoodhu Selvadhaaradi

Shy and hesitant Divya

In the library - Sethu proposing to Abithagujalaambal

Top Tournament

Nayagan, Aan Paavam, Mahanadhi, Vaayum Sirippuma Pidichittaen, Idhayathai Thirudathey


Unknown said...

1) Mannan, Nooravadhu naal(?), Thalapathy

2) Vishwa thulasi?

3) Thalapathy

4) Rettaivaal kuruvi

5) No idea

6) Nandhalala

7) No idea

8) Don't remember. Am not able to rewind from your player.

9) Don't remember. Gopura vaasalile?

10) Don't remember.

11) Don't remember. Nice chromatics.

12) Pithamagan?

13) Veera Title Score

14) Apoorva sagathorgal?

15) You already shared this before. But I forgot. Nice usage of Brindavana Saranga raga.

16) Vishwa thulasi / manadhil urudhi vendum?

17) Singaravelan

18) Marupadiyum?

19) Don't know.

20) Singaravelan (the charukesi raga usage cannot be mistaken)

21) Manadhil Urudhi Vendum

22) Don't know

23) Don't know

24) Nayakan

Pinchi said...

Dear Suresh,

I hated that player. It would not let me listen in an order.
I could not select the tracks again to remember which one I was listening to. Arrrrrggghh. A set of tunes spoilt by a player. :(

Sharavana said...

Is the quiz still open?

1 - Amaidhippadai | Chatriyan.
6 - Nandhalaala.
7 - Pazhassi Raaja.

24-MounaRaagam|AanPaavam|Mahanadi|Heyram| MozartILoveYou

Many tracks sound familiar. but not able identify

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Pinchi - I know. Realized that after posting.

I will stick to my old hip cast player.

Sripathy Ramesh - Great. Very well done. Will post answers soon.

Sharavana - Yes. It is very much ON. And yeah, most of the pieces are from insanely popular movies.