Thursday, April 18, 2013

A.R.Rahman Quiz

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Today's Quiz

Quiz 6 (4 Clips)

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Quiz 5 (3 Clips)

Quiz 4 (4 Clips)

Quiz 3 (4 Clips)

Quiz 2 (4 Clips)

Quiz 1 (4 Clips)

Prevoius Quizzes' Answers


anandham said...

Quiz 1:

1. Swades - Yeh Tara Woh Tara
2. Guru - Jaage Hain
3. Indra - Thoda Thoda
4. ???

aravindmano said...

Sundari siRiya rettaivAl sundari
Kai thatti thatti azhaiththAilE

Drunkenmunk said...

Quiz 1 found Jaage hain dher and thoda thoda. Quiz 2 Sundari and Tara Rum pam. Thassal baa.

Sudhakar Ganesan said...

Quiz 1 - Thenana_Munana , OreKana ,Thoda thoda

Quiz 2 : guessing :)

Arvind said...

Quiz 1

1.Yeh Taara from Swades
2.Jaage Hain from Guru
3 Thoda Thoda from Indira

Quiz 2

1.Sundari from KM
2.Ta rum pum from Doli Sajaa ke rakhna
4. My wish from Kisna

Sudhakar Ganesan said...

Quiz 1 - Thenana moonana , Ore kana , Thoda thoda

Quiz 2 - Guesssing is in progress

anandham said...

Quiz 2:

1. Kannathil Muthamittal - Sundari
2. Doli Saja Ke Rakhna - Taram Pum

An Explorer's Blog said...

Today's quiz :- Sundari, Kai thatti and the rest - Pass! :-)

samjo511 said...

undari, Kaitatti, Minsara Kanavu BGM (Priya-Wants-To-Be-A-Nun) No idea for 4th :)

Phani Kalyan said...

sundari, kai thatti, priya wants to be a nun, my wish comes true- kisna

umesh said...

Pakkadhe paakadhe (Gentleman) ?
Kai thatti (Jodi)

Still struggling to place the final cue.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Quiz 1 - Well Done everyone. I knew the 4th song would be tough, I was even expecting complaints that the clue is too short. But, Phani Kalyan did guess the song correctly as Majaa Majaa from that clue. So.. That is my favorite moment in the song.

Quiz 2 - Surprised that most of them got Minsara Kanavu BGM. Didn't think it was popular. I was sure not everyone would get 4th song, again - from Kisna. A lovely song. Please listen to it more.

Sudhakar Ganesan said...

Quiz 3 - Gentle man , Couples retreat , Thiruda Thiruda, Muthu

Vijayan said...

Quiz 3:

Toyata Etios AD, Pass, Enthiran?, Dont know this. Tough questions

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Sudhakar Ganesan - Many guessed the second clip as "Couples Retreat". Interesting. You got Thiruda Thiruda right. :-)

Vijayan - Well done with Toyota Etios. I thought no one would get that.

Harsha Vardhan said...

Quiz 4:
1. Twins see each other (Bombay)

Harsha Vardhan said...

Quiz 4:
1. Twins see each other (Bombay)

Harsha Vardhan said...

Quiz 4:
1. Twins see each other (Bombay)

Harsha Vardhan said...

Quiz 4:
1. Twins see each other (Bombay)

Sam Joshua said...

Quiz 5

Raanjhana trailer
Jeans BGM (Flight is gone)
Mariyan 1st teaser BGM

Blogeswari said...

Quiz 5

1. Raanjhnaa
2. Waitees i will come back to u
3. Maryan

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Blogeswari - Full marks only if you answer Clip 2 also. :-)

Sam - Very well done.

An Explorer's Blog said...

Quiz 5 - 1. RAANJHANAA 2. JEANS (??) 3. MARIYAAN

Harsha Vardhan said...

Raanjhnaa, Kadhal Virus, Maryan.

Blogeswari said...

Is no.2 quiz 5 from Jab tak hai jaan ?

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Sam - Very well done, especially for getting Jeans right.

Harsha Vardhan - I can see where Kadhal Virus is coming from. Good guess.

Blogeswari - Now you know. It is Jeans.

An Explorer's Blog said...

1. Pass :P
2. Mellissaiye - Mr. Romeo
3. Kuru Kuru - Couples Retreat
4. Strawberry Kannae - Minsaara Kanavu

Harsha Vardhan said...

1. worldspace
3. kuru kuru kan

anandham said...

Quiz # 6:

1. World Space Ad
2. Mellisaiye Mellisaiye - Mr.Romeo
3. Kuru Kuru - Couples Retreat
4. Strawberry Kanne - Minsaara Kanavu

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Harsha Vardhan - Very good. Other two also very very extremely popular songs. please try.

An Explorer's blog - Clip 1 is an amazing instrumental piece. Ok, a clue, it is not film music. Now try

Keshav Raj said...

Quiz - 6

1. Worldspace Theme
2. Mellisaiye - Mr Romeo
3. Kuru Kuru - Couples Retreat
4. Strawberry Kanne - Minsara Kanavu

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Anandham and Keshav Raj - *Claps*. Got all right.

Ashwin Subramaniam said...

WorldSpace Ad is the first one.. Phew.. Finally..

Mugilan said...

Quiz 6:

1. World Space
2. Mellisaiyae
3. Kuru Kuru from Couples Retreat?
4. Strawberry Kanne

Twitter id: jmugilan

Harsha Vardhan said...

4. Strawberry Kanne :)

Hiran said...


1. No idea
2. Mellisaye - Mr.Romeo
3. Kuru kure - Couples retreat
4. Strawberry - Minsarakanav

Hiran said...

Quiz #1
E tara - Swades
Jage hain - Guru
Thoda thoda - Indira

Quiz #2

Sundari - KM
Dil ka rishta - Yuvraj

Quiz #3

Toyota Etios Ad
Mountains - Warriors of Heaven and Earth
Thiruda Thiruda Theme

Quiz #4

Dil ka rishta - Yuvraj

Quiz #5

Ranjhana trailer theme
Jeans bgm
Sonapareeya - Maariyan

This is what i got after listening to each cue.. Now i feel i have to go more... :)

I would appreciate if u come up with more Qns like is a pleasure answering.. :)