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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tribute to 80's Ilaiyaraaja

Heard the song from Rendavadhu Padam that is publicized as a tribute to 80's Ilaiyaraaja music. Maybe, it is. That audacious anything goes approach in the orchestration, with a wide array of instruments parading one after the other playing phrases sweet on its own and also fitting nicely in all different things happen before and after; That switching styles of music all in one interlude; That rushing string section; That quintessential triple Congos with deep drums; That omnipresent chorus; That adjoining Veenai as sweet fillers between lines; That swift to classical backing in the the second charanam; That tightness with so many musical stuff happening all the time; That one Tabla stroke midst all western percussion layers; And Of course, SPB and Chitra; and much more - Thanks a ton to Kannan and Amudhan for showing that that sound is still possible. But.


Somehow, I feel Imman's Ayyayyo Aanandhamae is a much better tribute to 80's Ilaiyaraaja. That imploding energy in the most haunting of melodies, that is my key takeaway from 80's Ilaiyaraaja, which is in Ayyayo Anandhamae. It is a song, if were available at the time I wrote "Ilaiyaraaja and the Synth Myth", I wouldn't have had to think and write that piece to form and understand my stance.

Now, I want to hear Ilaiyaraaja of now paying tribute to 80's Ilaiyaraaja, at least once, just for heck of it.


Sunil Malhotra said...

The Rendavadhu Padam song didn't really evoke any Raaja-ness for me. I don't know about songs but as a composer, K probably has delivered the most Raaja related nuances so far. My fav being Vaaya Moodi. Evan Raaja's own prodigy,Yuavn only does this occasionally, last song being Aathadi Manasudhan - Kazhugu, which I would've attributed to Raaja Saab if I didn't read the credits. I don't want to take this topic on a tangent but is there any recent song which evokes high shades of Rahman Ji? You probably would want to write a new post for that!

Sunil Malhotra said...

Sorry I take my question back because even Rahman Ji doesn't evoke his trademark sound throughout his recent compositions :P so it would be difficult to place other composers in his shoes. :P

Anonymous said...

Roja Poo appears to have taken a very direct (and yet likeable) approach to evoke Raja, to the point of sounding like some of his most popular songs (that violin in the second interlude left me running to Poonkathave). Ayyayyo Anandhame, on the other hand, is truer to the real Ilayaraja: distinctive arrangements paired with an emotive but unpredictable melody. I actually prefer A Lady and the Violin, the female version.

Indian movies said...

I listened a few times so far and everytime I hear the music (very unique and uncomparable to any exisiting music), I feel like I need to listen to this music again and again and again, yet feel like I have not listened to it enough!!?.

Rangabalaji said...

Ayyayo aanandame is sounding similar to Idhayam pogudhe in the first para which IR showcased in his concert was an inspiration (if am allowed to say so)from schubert...In the 2nd para its almost sounding similar to 2nd para completely in kushboo song in satyaraj movie Ival oru ilangkuruvi ezhunthu aadum malar thuli...Also in same kumki movie we have raman aandalum melody in the song kai alavu...Is that a tribute to IR?

Niranjan Fraud said...

Ayyayyo Aanandhamae is one of the best tribute to 80's Ilaiyaraaja.

Maverick said...

//Noorukodi Vaanavil Maarimaari Seruthae
Kaathal Podum Thooralil Thaegam Moozhgi Poguthae
Aeedho Oru Aasai Vava Katha Paesa//

So true! The first thing that comes to mind when you hear these lines from Ayayayoo Aananthamey is Ilayaraja more than Imaan.