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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another Experiment

A sequel to Ilaiyaraaja Vs A.R.Rahman

A.R.Rahman's Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai

In this video, I have replaced Ilaiyaraaja's Original score with A.R.Rahman's score for the same scene in the Hindi version of the film Doli Saja Ke Rakhna

Ilaiyaraaja's Doli Saja Ke Rakhna

n this video, I have replaced A.R.Rahman's Original score with Ilaiyaraaja's score for the same scene in the Tamil version of the film Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai


Unknown said...

Great idea Suresh and good job with the editing. Now I liked both the versions :)

In the doli saja ke rakhna version, why did you remove the pause at 0:57? That pause would have been nice. However the portions after that fitted very well, probably that is why you removed the pause.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Sripathy Ramesh - Thank you.

Yes. I had tough time synching the cue with Doli Saja Ke Rakhna, especially that moment, I tried many options and finally settled with what it is now. Yes, as you said, without that pause the rhythm of the piece magically fits the pace of the cuts to the reaction shots in the scene.

Anonymous said...

Ilayaraja's one brings out the sad-happy emotions so well.. Rahman's one seems more of a sample being played..