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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Endhiran Score

Cues from Endhiran Score in the order in which they are first heard in the background score of the film. (Endhiran Score Quiz)

Cue 6 – It isn’t Chitti Yet

Cue 4 – Chitti – The Saviour (Superstar Rajini Titles, Action in Train, Fire Accident)

Cue 8 – Simulating Emotions in Chitti

Cue 9 – Child Birth

Cue 2 – Prelude to Sana’s Kiss

Cue 7 – Introducing Chitti 2.0

Cue 3 – Power from Car Battery

Cue 1 – I am an Evidence

Cue 5 – Chitti Returns


Naveen frm kerala pkd said...

Bro, please share more bgms in this quality......like chitti 2.0, meeaahhh......etc........

Anonymous said...

Awesome.. Super excellent Fantastic ..

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