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Thursday, April 8, 2010

'The Music of A.R.Rahman' Concert

From the names of the film directors and producers thanked in the above snapshot, here is my guess track listing of the Film themes and Songs played in ‘The Music of A.R.Rahman’ concert by London Philharmonic Orchestra in Alchemy Festival.

Maniratnam – “Bombay Theme” from Bombay

Andrew Lloyd Webber – “Bombay Awakes” from Bombay Dreams

Shekhar Kapur – “Divinity Theme” from Elizabeth – The Golden Age and “Waltz” from Passage

Kevin Wallace – “The Song of Hope” or “Lothlorien” from Lord of the Rings Musical

Danny Boyle – “Mausam & Escape” from Slumdog Millionaire (See Rashid Ali Asad Khan sitting at the centre of the concert podium)

Vince Vaughn – “Jason and Cynthia Theme”, “Jason and Cynthia Suite” and “Intervention” from Couples Retreat

He Ping – “Horses”, “Mountains” and “The Golden Era” from Warriors of Heaven and Earth

MF Hussain (that’s a tough one) – Orchestral Version of “Do Kadam” from Meenaxi

Ashutosh Gowariker – Lagaan Theme, Lagaan Opening Credits, Swades Title theme, Jodhaa Akbar Love Theme, Khwaja Mere Khwaja Instrumental

Ketan Mehta – Mangal Pandey Theme, Mangal Pandey End Credits

Shyam Benegal – Instrumental Themes from Bose: The Forgotten Hero especially the orchestral version of the national anthem “Jana Gana Mana” to end the show.

With this track list and a professional Symphony Orchestra, I guess it is exactly the kind of concert I have been wishing to watch. As usual, there will be no official release of audio or video recording of the concert. Sigh!

Here is the actual tracklisting of Film themes performed in the concert

And some High quality Pics from the Concert and Concert Rehearsals

Concert Reviews:



Pictures Courtesy: @ashantiomkar


Random Thoughts said...

Hey dude!
Was at the event. And most of your guesses are right !

Danny Boyle was “Mausam & Escape” + "Lathikas theme" from Slumdog Millionaire !!

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Random Thoughts - Oh! How was the performance... And as 'Lathika's theme' requires a Solo voice, i thought they would not have performed it... anyway good to know, Rashid ali would have played it on Sitar

Unknown said...

oh god, no audio/video recording or telecast on TV? Too bad. I was hoping to catch it on TV/DVD.

Unknown said...

During the oscar ceremony or bafta awards, the orchestra played an orchestral version of lathika's theme when ARR was called on stage to receive the award. So it would have been played as an instrumental on the violin section.

Bharath V said...

It will be interesting to get printed version of the concert score to see how it was adapted to the LSO. It does suck that there is no audio/video. I am sure some body taped it. They still don't seem to understand how much they can monetize it and keep the fans engaged one everything related to AR.

Vishal said...

They played 'Warriors in peace'.
There was no Jodha Akbar music.

Ekanth said...

@Suresh It is Asad Khan on the Sitar.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Ramesh - Yes, In Oscar ceremony they played a Suite of themes from all the nominated scores. I didn't like that much, but I did like the strings played when Rahman walked up to recieve his Oscar.

I guess in this concert, they would have played 'Lathikas theme' on Strings, Sitar and flute.. because in the "dreams on fire", the theme does appear in flute. I heard even Naveen was there to perform 'Bombay Theme'.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Bharath V - As the concert is part of a cultural festival, i guess it would be difficult to film it inside a closed Concert Hall with multiple cameras without which it cannot be made into a DVD. But Audio they definitely can.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Vishal - Oh! You mean the instrumental version of 'Warriors in Peace' song - I guess that is 'The Golden Era' in the Cd..

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Ekanth - I have corrected it.

Ravi Krishna said...

That Mangal Pandey tracklist made my stomach growl. Why on earth did they not give it a CD release?

Unknown said...

RaviKrishna - Me too. I guess it was because of the problem that rose btw the producer and Rahman over the payment for the Symphony Orchestra...

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Vijay said...

More clips available on Youtube. Check it out in case you haven't earlier.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Vijay - Thanks. I have seen all the four clips available on youtube.