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Friday, January 29, 2010

Needle Drops

  • A.R.Rahman’s Couples Retreat Score has been nominated for International Film Music Critics Association awards for Scoring Excellence in ‘Best Score in a Comedy Film’ category. This is really very significant considering that there was no buzz whatsoever about this score even in the hardcore Hollywood film score magazines and websites. Winning is highly unlikely though.

  • Every little work that Michael Giacchino did in 2009 has been nominated in various categories of International Film Music Critics Association awards for Scoring Excellence.

  • While posting this poll, I was in dilemma whether to nominate ‘Dev.D’ in background score (Hindi). The film is a musical, filled with songs all over but with limited space left for an instrumental background score. I did like few pieces in the background score, the score for the scene in which Paro cleans Dev’s room is one. Dev and Chanda’s themes – two instrumental pieces that got released in the film soundtrack CD were also good. I am still not sure. I have to watch Dev D again. Interestingly in all Bollywood awards, Amit Trivedi’s music for ‘Dev.D’ has been pushed to best background score category and none have included it in the Best Music Category.

  • ‘Tamizh Padam’ is not just a spoof on Tamil films; there are enough spoofs on Tamil film background scores too (composer - B.Kannan). It really is not possible to spoof a genre of film without imitating background scores of those films. A complete joyride this film is.

  • And happy to inform that Background score blog is listed in

    “10 Best of Bollywood blogs” in blogs.com and
    “600 Movie blogs you might have missed” list in Totalfilm.com


Muthu said...

You sure need to watch DevD again to get your opinion right. Kashyap has proved that BGM to a movie need not be only instrumentals. His clever use of Amit Trivedi's 14 songs in the movie needs to be acknowledged. Even in the trailer, the rock version of Emotional Atyachar was used brilliantly. The way the music stops abruptly and then starts again after a gap with the scream as Abhay Deol swings his head up. Ahhh!!! Same goes for Saali Kushi, the way the sax blends with his frustration unable to forget Paro. And need I say about Pardesi? All 3 of us friends jumped up our seats to watch that song closely.
If you are still not convinced try having a few shots of whiskey and then give it a try... Now, that's what I call really tripping on some music!!! ;)

Unknown said...

Muthu - There is no doubt and the songs fitting well with the visuals in the film. But here I am confused about the process of adding a background score. Typically, all other nominees here are composed after the film is shot. For a composer, composing a piece of music or song before even the film is made an after seeing the film is totally different, and here I guess i am concerned more abt the later.

Harish S Ram said...

Happy b'day :)

Unknown said...

mr.weirdo!! - Thank you.