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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Score Quest Fest - Answers

Score Quest Fest

Track 1 is the main theme of 13B (Yaavarum Nalam), Composed by Tubby and Parik. The theme is omnipresent in the film. This is the version that appears in the Titles (one of the most sensibly done titles in a while) which elaborately hints at the concept and secret on which the whole film is based. Some guessed it as ‘Eeram’ which is good as this piece would have easily fitted in ‘Eeram’ also.

Track 2 is from Autograph composed by Sabesh - Murali. It is played when Senthil first meets Lathika in Kerala. The serene ambience of the backwaters of Kerala, beauty of Lathika (in the eyes of Senthil), the tempo with which boat moved all are beautifully captured in this piece.

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