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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lord of The Rings Symphony


Ravi Krishna said...

I wish I could visit it, the "Return Of The King" complete score is being performed in Lucerne, Switzerland very soon! Sadly it's halfway across the world for us. I hope I'll be able to visit someday and get a photo taken with maestro Shore! :)

Can't wait for his scores to the Hobbit movies.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Yes. I wish I could watch LOTR Symphony live one day... and Shore back in Peter Jackson's production is a good news... heard that they split up due to creative differences during King Kong

Ravi Krishna said...

I think it was a mutual agreement between Jackson and Shore, they remain friends. I read somewhere a fan asked Shore if there's any chance of a release of his rejected King Kong score in the future, and he said yes. It'd be great to listen to that!

Though personally I really love James Newton Howard's King Kong scores. Really lovely is are the themes he wrote for the relationship between Anne and Kong, especially in the tracks "Central Park" and "Beauty Killed The Beast IV". Never fails to bring tears to my eyes, my personal favourite score of 2005.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

DemonStar - Yes. James Newton Howard (though I am fan of his mellower scores in Night Shyamalan's movies) did a great job with King Kong... The action cues were great especially when Naomi watts is being chased by Dinosaurs titled 'Tooth and Claw' in OST..

Ravi Krishna said...

I remember JNH mentioning in an interview that when they were recording "Tooth And Claw" in the studio, the sound level went over 100 DB!

I really like the last half of the track with the jaw-breaking part! :D That emotional string based music played wonderfully onscreen.