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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ayan and Yaavarum Nalam (13B)

Ayan – Harris Jeyaraj

Harris Jeyaraj hits almost every possible wrong note in the background score of Ayan. We know that he isn’t good enough but the level to which he has gone to with Ayan’s background score is unbelievable. What is so heroic about ‘Pala Palakkura’ song melody? Just by playing a tune on trumpet, does it turn heroic? Harris has done exactly that in action sequences. The problem with the score is not the fact that it is bad, but it is done with an intention to make something new, innovative and different. Instead it is illogical, loud and horrendous. Even my friends, who don’t pay much attention to background score, were irritated and complained that the music didn’t match with the scene at many places.

Yaavarum Nalam (13B in Hindi)

Tubby-Parik has done a typical Salim-Sulaiman job in the background score of ‘Yaavarum Nalam’. The movie was much better than a normal Indian thriller but what kept constantly pulling the standard of the movie down is the loudness in the background score. The main theme of the movie is definitely good but they have overdone it by playing the theme loud on strings on every other episode of the movie. Using a chorus shouting on the roof-top for every big revelation pains the ear drums. But while watching the movie in a big cinema hall, it definitely had its impact on the audience who otherwise would have become tired of the pace. On the whole, the score could have been so much quieter and the movie would have sounded saner (while the movie is definitely saner than any other thriller we have seen in Indian cinema in the recent past).

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Vinith said...

Yeah. I did not watch the movie.

But everybody complained that Music was irrelevant and sonorous at times. I know what Harris is capable of when it comes to BGM. He is not matured enough to provide apt BGM.