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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Memoirs of Geisha for Poo

S.S.Kumaran who made a promising debut with his music for 'Poo' disappoints high time by plagiarizing for the movie's background score. Background score of 'Poo' is mostly filled with different versions of the melodies of the songs, especially I like the Maari cries, the sad version of 'Choo choo mari' song in a kid voice is a good idea. As I was watching the movie, I also sensed a chinese influence in the background score in the choice of instruments and at times melodies too. There is this scene where Maari runs to give Thangaraasu his favourite Kalli Pazham, and there is a dramatic score that runs in the background and it is in this scene S.S.Kumaran blatantly lifted 'Memoirs of Giesha' main theme (one of my personal favourite John Williams Score) and used it when Maari is stuck by the thorns in a tree. It matched quite well for the mood of that moment and with it way it was seamlessly clubbed with the other part of the piece, it seems S.S.Kumaran consciously did it to achieve greater impact. While his intentions are good, the means of achieving is highly unethical.

Memoirs of Geisha - Becoming a Geisha

Poo (Geisha theme starts at 01:00)

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Arun said...

ya u r absolutely right..he has lifted it from memoirs of geisha...nice observation..but this is how some of the mediocre music dir;s are working in ttamil movies..he is no exception..first of all his(ss.kumaran) singing in the song "paasamozhi" is atrocious and horrible to blatantly mimic like illayaraja..ended up like a spoof..haha..