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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nandalala - Illayaraja - Mysskin

Mysskin is one director who takes a lot of care on background score in his movies. After proving himself as a director with movies ‘Sithiram Pesudhadi’ and ‘Anjathey’, which had very good background scores by Sundar C.Babu, Mysskin gets Illayaraja for his next ‘Nandalala’. More than the fact that Illayaraja is doing background score for a Mysskin movie, what makes me happy is that Mysskin has this habit of releasing the movie’s background score in soundtrack of the movie even before the release of the movie. He did it for both ‘Sithiram Pesudhadi’ and ‘Anjathey’. With the news like Mysskin leaving 45 minutes of the film silent for Illayaraja’s music to speak, one can’t resist the expectations and I sincerely hope that Mysskin releases the complete background score of the movie in the CD before the release of the movie. And icing on the cake is this news that Mysskin is capturing the background score recording sessions on a camera to release it separately. It would be big boon for fans like me, if we get to watch Raaja’s live recording session and that too of a background scoring session.

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