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Friday, April 18, 2008

Sanjay Chaudary

Here is a bollywood composer who cares for and talks about Background score. I haven't heard many of Sanjay's works, but I liked the love theme (the one which sounds heavily inspired by Yanni's 'Nightingale')in Jab we Meet, that plays on a flute when Kareena hugs and kisses Shahid in the climax.


V said...

The interviewer has also indicated through his questions the general Bollywood ignorance of Background score. In fact, the usage of the term 'Music Director' in this interview to denote only the person doing the songs itself is a degradation of background score. It should actually be the other way round - the BGM is supreme and can not be chopped off from a movie. Not so with a song.

Well, the Bollywood media may be thinking that some mad(rasi) fan of Raaja is blah-blahing about BGMs. They might be looking down at us, as usual.

Very sad - because of this attitude, the great talents involved in non-Bollywood film music composition, esp. South Indian composers, never get their due.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Venky - True. I am quite used to their ignorance about Background scores. The very fact that 'Cheeni kum' background score was not even nominated for none of the award functions is an instance to show how primitive their music sensibilities are