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Friday, April 11, 2008

Plagiarim or Inspired?

Listen and decide it for yourself.

Illayaraja - First Interlude piece of the song 'Manathilae Oru Paatu' from Thaayam Onnu

Yuvan Shankar Raja - Katradhu Tamizh Love Theme


Anonymous said...

I don't see any similarities between the two melodies. Both are in different scales have distinct melodic patterns.

I liked them both. The first one evokes a rather joyous mood and is more complex than the second one, which evokes melancholy and has the same melody repeated multiple times in minor variations.

Saraks said...

I think its neither.

kannan said...

I see the link, but only when you explicitly pointed it out. Other than that, I think if it is related at all, maybe it's some subconscious inspiration. Avlo similiar-a enakku padala.

Of course, if it indeed WAS an intentional copy, hats of to Yuvan for using it so effectively and completely changing the mood :)

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Hi all,

Even I am not sure about it and that i why I posted it as a question. I still couldn't completely wash it off as purely coincidental

V said...

Inspirations from Ilaiyaraaja can be found in every film music composer in India since 1980s. It need not be intentional - it may also be subconscious like Kanna said.

Yuvan being inspired is not very rare in such a case. This may most likely be an unintended inspiration.

But yes, Yuvan's 7G Rainbow colony theme had heavy overtones of Johnny. I do not think it was unintended. Same about his song 'Vaa Vaa...' using the tune and rhythm pattern of 'Adiye..' from Neengal Kettavai.

Our people have got so used to Raaja's style that anybody who came to Tamil film music during or after the 1980s had to follow him in orchestration.

On a digression : this same acquaintance with Raaja's music, I think, has made people take Raaja for granted, denying him the level of recognition that he deserved.

bvnk87 said...

There seems to be no similarities as such between both BGMs. Even a layman would not find any similarity or inspiration between these two pieces. Not to forget, Yuvan has mentioned in several occasions openly, that he is very much inspired by his dad's compositions and no MD would dare to openly admit any sort of inspirations in their music. This so it would be futile to point out yuvan's inspirations from his dad. But one can surely see his blalant lifts in Kadhal kondein and some parts of 7G BGMs..