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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Background Score - 25

Guess the Movie.


Anonymous said...

Mangala mangala ho!!

Its Mangal Pandey... for Jwala! And I guess its based on chandrakouns! Brilliant BG all through the movie! Loved the piece for for Toby... brilliant orchestral work!

Anonymous said...

its from MANGAL PANDEY-the rising, jwala's theme i think(amisha patel's character)

VITHUR said...

I think this is from FIRE.

Naren said...

sounds like 'semboove poove' from siraichalai. so i am going to say 'siraichalai'

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Sriram - Correct. The orchestral works were brilliant througout the movie. Especially I like the end credits.

Srinath - Correct.

Vithur - There is a similar flute piece in that movie too for the sensuous scene. But this piece isn't that.

Naren - No. It is from a hindi movie.