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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cue-It Up - 2

Cue-It Up – 1

Total Running Time: 13 mins 03 secs

Memoirs of a Geisha (John Williams)

I can’t put in words the amazement I get every time I listen to the piece “Becoming a Geisha” from Memoirs of Geisha by Film Score God John Williams. Such a haunting melody and listen to how breathtaking the variations, counter points, the way the melody is divided with the orchestra are! Each and every turn in the piece perfectly punctuate the cuts in the beautifully shot visual montage where Sayuri becomes a Geisha. The whole Memoirs of Geisha soundtrack is such a soothing departure from John William’s usual brass and bombast.

Becoming A Geisha by Soundtracks on Grooveshark

Amelie Theme (Yann Tiersen)

Amelie theme – Orchestral Version – You can’t think of a better piece of music to lighten up your mood. It is such an exhilarating melody and that moment when the Strings section takes over the melody from the tinkle bells and Vibraphone – Transcendental stuff!

Amelie Theme - Orchestral Version by Yann Tiersen on Grooveshark

W.A.T.E.R (Monty Sharma)

The ‘W.A.T.E.R’ theme from Black is a soul-stirring incidental music that plays with absolute precision to the moods and emotions in the visual when Debraj (Amitabh Bachchan) pushes Michelle (Ayesha Kapoor) into the water. The music begins when precisely light begins to spark and sneak into the un-flickering darkness of Michelle’s world. As she spells ‘W.A.T.E.R’ with signs of alphabets, the piano that plays in synch with the rhythm of water drops, the strings, and the flute gently whip up a sense of overwhelm in our hearts, and a deep male voice sings to the calm and comforting relief we see in Debraj’s face as gets astounded by the miracle that just happened now and here in front of his eyes.

WATER - Black by Monty Sharma on Grooveshark

Schizophrenia (Karthik Raaja)

The main theme from Kudaikkal Mazhai is an instant classic. A short and sweet melody and an incredible Orchestration - how many changeovers within two and half minutes and how astoundingly seamless the transitions are! I go simply speechless whenever I listen to this track. Karthik Raaja – Only other composer who can compose Ilaiyaraaja-Class Orchestration.

Kudaikkul Mazhai - Theme by Karthik Raaja on Grooveshark

Drizzle Delight (A.R.Rahman)

A cue from Kadal score. A riff with the leftovers of now world famous loop used earlier in Munbe Vaa, and it is layered with subtle strings that underline the mystery about the unknown girl - a patient sneaking out of the Hospital. Before we know who she is and what she is up to, the scene cuts to Thomas who is flying as he is riding a bike with his hands spread wide open like wings, and the music continues seamlessly to play the main theme, but now with a jaunty folk rhythm for Thomas’ excitement of being in the Town. More importantly, the theme is used again when Thomas asks the Father to baptize him in the church. Love the choice of this piece for this moment, it spreads invokes a pleasant aura.

09. Beatrice Intro by A.R.Rahman on Grooveshark

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