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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Intro Music Quiz

The first piece of music we hear in a movie is the music that accompanies the Introduction of the Studio/ production house that produced the film. The moment we hear these short and snappy Signature musical themes, we can say without looking at the screen, which Studio/Production house is behind the film. Majestic Fanfares, a cue from the score of the movie, incidental music that matches the animation that builds the name and logo of the production house on screen – Intro music could be anything. Or the music could be just a part of the branding exercise. For UTV Motion Pictures, intro music now is richly Indian classical and carries with it the identification of the place the movie is coming from – which is necessary these days with all those international markets opening up for Indian films.

Sometimes, some Studios use different music for different films – mostly a piece of music from the score of the film itself, in a way to pull the audience into the mood and universe of the film right away. I read somewhere that even Karan Johar was thinking of changing the Intro music of Dharma Productions for Agneepath as the angelic chorus singing saccharine Kuch Kuch Hota Hai melody doesn’t go with the genre of the film. Posted below are some of the Signature Intro music I like, of movie production houses/Studios in India and elsewhere. Listen to them and guess the Studio/Production Company

AGPPL Ashutosh Gowarikar Productions Pvt Ltd (Only in Swades - It is a theme from Swades)

1 -

AVM Productions

2 -

Aamir Khan Productions

3 -

21st Century Fox

4 -

Hope Productions (A Theme from English Vinglish)

5 -

Yash Raj Films YRF

6 -

Excel Entertainment (The brass theme from Haan Yehi Rasta hai song from Lakshya)

7 -

UTV Motion Pictures New

8 -

UTV Motion Pictures Old

9 -

Dharma Productions

10 -


11 -

Universal Studio

12 -


Ashwin Subramaniam said...

2. AVM Studios
4. Fox studios
5. Hope Productions
6. Yash Raj Films
8. UTV Movies
10. Dharma Productions
12. Universal Studios

musicallyAVI said...

01. AGPPL Ashutosh Gowarikar Productions Pvt Ltd
02. AVM Productions
03. Aamir Khan Productions
04. 21st Century Fox
05. Hope Productions
06.Yash Raj Films YRF
07. Excel Entertainment
08. UTV Motion Pictures New
09. UTV Motion Pictures Old
10. Dharma Productions
11. Dreamworks
12. Universal Studio

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Ashwin - Good. Track 1? Not a fan of Rahman?

musicallyAVI - Amazing. Very well done.

Viju said...

Ashutosh Gowarikar Productions
20th Century Fox (but an Indian house used it too)
Hope Productions
Yash Raj
Excel Entertainment
Red Giant

sirish aditya said...

2. AVM
4. 20th Century Fox
6. Yash Raj Films
7. Excel Entertainment
8. UTV
10. Dharma Productions
11. Dreamworks
12. Universal Pictures

Can't get the others 'coz my head's all jumbled up with tunes now. Btw, 1 and 3 sound great.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Viju - Nice. But, Red Giant aaa?

Sirish - Glad you like it. And whatay 1 & 3 - by same composer.

Vijay said...

The Deva Shree Ganesha cue that did play over the Dharma Productions logo in Agneepath was a masterstroke.