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Friday, February 1, 2013

Kadal Background Score

I totally loved Kadal. I am still thinking about the film. A.R.Rahman’s songs and background score is key to the film. Fabulously gels with the film. I have posted some voiceless cues from the film here. There are many amazing pieces in the score of the film, but most of them have dialogues over it and they may spoil the film for those who haven’t seen them yet. I can’t wait for the DVD to rip the background score cues in voiceless in High Quality.

No spoilers here except Cue 4, which has a minor spoiler.

Cue 1 – A key theme of the film. You have to watch the film to believe how magnificently the theme evokes all the varied emotions that it has to in the particular scene that it is used on in the film.

Cue 2 – One of the uplifting moments of the film. Rajeev Menon and A.R.Rahman create magic here. Exhilarating! It is a must watch on big screen just for this moment.

Cue 3 – Cute little theme that goes perfectly with the chirpy and childish Beatrice.

Cue 4 – A soothing solo accordion. Again a key scene. Sorry, there could be a slight spoiler here.

Cue 5 – Why Magudi is the best used song *in* the film. That Chinmayi’s voice over totally makes sense after watching the film. Also, choosing the chorus section of Anbin Vaasalae for one of the most touching scenes – Master Stroke.


Unknown said...


VENKAT SAI said...

Completely agree... "Magudi Magudi" and "Chithirai Nila" are two of the best used songs in the film. I hated Magudi before the film. Now I am crazy about it. Esp. the second time its used in the film, felt like an extended version. Waiting for the DVD to get it in my music playlist.

There was one BGM when Tom brings Beatrice to Sam.... I couldn't focus on that scene because the BGM was so heavenly that I was completely mesmerised. Rahman and Mani are a killer combo!

DeeKay said...

Mani's worst ever movie. Back ground score is good and there are some spoiler moments too. Placement of songs are bad but good songs tho. Title music is not just right. Good Luck Mani next time.