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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Barfi Background Score

Pritam, Jim Satya & Prasad Sashte have secured themselves the National Award for Best background score of the year with his Barfi score. It has soul stirring leitmotifs (mostly derived from the melodies of the songs) and breathtaking incidental chase-action cues that seamlessly capture all the shifts and cuts in the action and aptly recurring thematic ideas throughout the film.

For Barfi to work, score should work as much as Ranbir’s performance and it sure does.

Just like the film, the score is heavily inspired by the music of Silent film era and European films. I don’t know when was the last time I saw an Indian film with so many long silent visual montages that rely totally on music. Composers beautifully capture with the music every little mood changeover in all of these long stretches of silent montages.

There is so much more to say about this score. I want to watch the film again. I can’t wait for the DVD. I hope they release the background score separately on CD. That Barfi background score is heavily inspired is quite evident, but I hope the cues and motifs weren't blatantly lifted from some foreign films.

30 Cues from Barfi background score. Runs for almost 45 minutes. I couldn’t post many other cues (at least another 20 minutes) because of the overlapping dialogues; the audio clips might spoil the film for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Picture Shuru

Cue 01

Cue 02

Cue 03

Cue 04

Cue 05

Cue 06

Cue 07

Cue 08

Cue 09

Cue 10

Cue 11

Cue 12

Cue 13

Cue 14

Cue 15

Cue 16

Cue 17

Cue 18

Cue 19

Cue 20

Cue 21

Cue 22

Cue 23

Cue 24

Cue 25

Cue 26

Cue 27

Cue 28

Cue 29

Cue 30


Anonymous said...

I love your earlier reviews, but was deeply disapointed on barfi review. National Award for barfi on Background music, Really? My God please save India from Copycats.....

Anonymous said...

fantastic .... loved the background score, especially the violin and couldnt find it anywhere.... thanks a ton.. Rohit

Anonymous said...

Thankxxx Alot...

gray_scribbler... said...

Hey, I was looking for the music in the scene where Barfi gets Shruti home, right before Phir Le Aya Dil? Any chance you have that?

Unknown said...

Thanks a ton for this.
I loved the cue04.

Anonymous said...

how do i download this?

Unknown said...

what's name song cue 30? Thanks

G.S.Nawathey said...

I think one of the best background scores in last 3 decades. HAts off to Preetam and his team for doing a marvelous job. In face Mera Naam Joker was the only movie with extra ordinery back gorund score and this is another one... Thanks for posting it... excellent. Enjoyed it very much.. G.S Nawathey

Siddharth Goud said...

Hey, the website onto which you've uploaded these tracks is down. So is there any other portal where I can access these tracks?

replica watches in Pakistan said...

I am pretty much pleased with your good work.

josan420 said...

listen here barfi! background music

Jatan Gohel said...

I badlyy want to listen to all the Barfi BGMs. Please enable the links. We are not reachable to the links as the files have been removed from the storage.

josan420 said...

I moved video to my another account. Here is link of video http://youtube.com/watch?v=PKu