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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dum Dum Dum Background Score

For the first time, I have ripped Voiceless background score cues from the DVD of a film - Dum Dum Dum. Karthik Raja's score for Dum Dum Dum is one of my all time favourites. I already wrote about the love theme here

1. Opening Credits

2. Ganga Pass

3. Marriage Proposal

4. Bachelor Boy (Song)

5. Mother is ill

6. First Meeting

7. Plan One

8. Aadhi's Sister

9. Plan One Execution

10. Plan One Fails

11. What is the next Plan?

12. Plan Two - Pattamma

13. Plan Two Fails

14. Abduction

15. I want to go home

16. Doctor

17. Love Theme (Version 1)

18. Love Theme (Version 2)

19. Chennai

20. Second First Meeting

21. Love Theme (Version 3)

22. Un Perai Sonnaalae Instrumental (Version 1)

23. Phone Call

24. Misconception

25. Un Perai Sonnaalae Instrumental (Version 2)

26. Vivek Theme

27. Love Theme (Version 4)

28. Enemity

29. Athiri Pathiri Instrumental

30. Insult

31. Love Theme (Version 5)

32. Back in Village

33. Issues Resolved

34. I love her

35. Ganga in Confusion

36. Love Theme (Version 6)

37. Love Theme Suite (What I feel should have been the End Credits Music)


Anonymous said...

My Favorite movie from Karthik Raja.
He has scored brilliant BGM for this movie.
Thanks for Sharing Suresh!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Suresh! Last Love suite is a good idea!!!

Watch Moives Online Free said...

Watch This Movie Online Free Here,Great movie

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this movie's bgm....I always wanted them and u gave it in best quality...Thumbs UP 4 it !!!!

Dulasi Ram_RR said...

wonderful....thank u very much suresh....

Unknown said...

i need opening credit of movie DUM DUM DUM pls recover soon

Anonymous said...

kindly someone tell me how to dowload these BGMs???