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Thursday, February 2, 2012

#Top50TamilFilmBGM2011 #replug

A sweet surprise from @immancomposer Sweet Memories


Harp in action for best choreographed Action sequence of 2011

@Raja_Yuvan is capable of this! Who would’ve thunk

Love Blossoms in no time, as usual

Nothing but Wind, but, by Yuvan Shankar raja

The Most mobile-ringtone-friendly theme of the year

Love the strings in this one. A Sundar C.Babu minus Mysskin

Dear filmmaker, want ur audience to sympathize with character u just introduced?


The classicism of an Accordion

Nithya Menon. Drool! Listen to this piece and drool even more

Padhinaru vayadhinilae meets Paruthiveeran @Raja_Yuvan

A breezy violence @Raja_Yuvan

This could be in (or from) any Hollywood heist film

Passion for photography

What’s with Bala, unreleased songs and Kunal Ganjawala

What an epic offkeyness to suggest a cheating namboodiri

A chirpy lute for a harmless con woman @MGhibran

JK - A soloist

Gustavo Santaolalla won Oscar for composing a piece like this but far less memorable than this

A Selvaraghavan Love Theme

Where Ilaiyaraaja used a Maa Ganga, Sharreth plays this

This one follows the visuals to T, and has a nice thematic melody too

This is how you Kick-ass!

Journey of a song in a score Ana Avanna @MGhibran

A tale of a family that could have lived happily ever after

Plagiarism? I give the benefit of doubt to @Raja_Yuvan in this case

Celtic chase by @Raja_Yuvan

A Trumpet blows between two tablas

An eerie cello for a silent victim. What an engrossing film!

What if Ilaiyaraaja scored music for a Vikraman film? Listen to this

A thematic music developed even for an insignificant episode in the film

The build up to the final moment.. Aah!, listen..

Typical strings for a tense scene in a Tamil Film

Mahesh Muthuswamy disappears in a blinding white light

A middle eastern tinge in a revenge saga

Hideous lute that is there just to add more colour to the score as a whole

Love Birds. I have heard this in a @Raja_Yuvan song before, can’t recollect

I suspect @raajakarthik hand in this, who happily assisted his bro

Bala must go to a composer for songs after making the entire film

Spy in Raajazz

Goat Chasing Velu.. Orchestration! @MGhibran

A tale of an omnipresent Evil

1st long piece of music in a film, the opening credits of which scrolls in silence

Scottish bagpipes replaces Nadhaswaram @Raja_Yuvan

Madhi meets Amelie

Flamenco fight

This is truly a recurring recursive motif

Orchestral version of Best Song of the year 2011 @MGhibran


Unknown said...

Very nice collection and good one liners.

sandy007 said...

Brillllllliant!!!! Appreciate your patience!!! God bless

vinoth said...

the BGM from yudham sei "This is truly a recurring recursive motif" is similiar to james newton howard's
"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ro4FHd51t4" from the movie " THE VILLAGE"...

Shopping India said...

Thanx a lot you gave me so many ringtones :)

valentine poems said...

such a great ring tunes......

Muthu said...

Very nice:) needs lot of patience.,Lots of u1 BGM., it became true that U1 has registered himself as the king of BGM after raja sir.,aranya kandam BGM would have won oscar., if it has got a good casting & advisement!!!

pankaj said...

nice listing !!!
i couldnt listen to the full list , but still... i tried quiet a few.....and if i m8 hav overlooked .. is ther PUDHUPETTAI theme in the listing ????

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Pankaj - No. The BGMs are from films released in 2011.

Sugeeth said...

The one liners are as good as the scores :)