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Friday, February 24, 2012

Aravaan Trailer Music

Rarely we get to watch Movie trailers that is scored with the main motifs from the original background score of the film. As far as I remember, the trailers of Aaranya Kandam, Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai, Nandhalala had themes from its original score. It seems Aravaan trailer too is scored with themes from the original background score of the film. I already love the main flute theme. The background music in the trailer is precisely scored for cuts and mood changeovers. A single Mohan Veena strain for the shot of the classical dancer, whirling strings for shots of action, haunting flute piece (which I guess is the main theme, because it reprises again at the end on a tender female voice) plays like a love theme when Bharath and Anjali are introduced, and there is a constant percussive rhythm thudding underneath to make the transition from one mood to the other sound seamless,. Can't wait to watch the film, especially to listen to what Karthik has done as a film score composer. The Songs soundtrack of the film that I have been listening to repeatedly is anyway spectacular.

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Anonymous said...

the score and the scenes dont gel.