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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Classic Incantations Quiz

While Babelsberg Orchestra from Germany (as part of Germany and India 2011 - 2012: Infinite Opportunities)is touring cities in India with their performance, here is a quiz to check how well you know A.R.Rahman's symphonic scores. Streaming below are 20 musical themes from film scores composed by A.R.Rahman. Set 1 and Set 2, each has one theme from same set of 10 films (there could be one or two exceptions, where there is only theme from the film either in Set 1 or Set 2) . Match the theme from the same films and name the films. Answer shall be in this format - Name of the film 1-A, Name of the film 2-B, Name of the film 3-C etc.,
Set 1Set 2
Theme 1 Theme A
Theme 2 Theme B
Theme 3 Theme C
Theme 4 Theme D
Theme 5 Theme E
Theme 6 Theme F
Theme 7 Theme G
Theme 8 Theme H
Theme 9 Theme I
Theme 10 Theme J


Anonymous said...

Can i know the the movie for theme B, Theme 6 and Theme H. These BGMs are gr8 and i curious to know which movies these bgms are.

Vijaykumar Balasubramanian said...

First run, I am confident about only one piece.
8H appears to be Thiruda Thiruda.

Are these from the OST? Impressive.

Unknown said...

my findings:

127 Hours 2-I
Warriors of Heaven and Earth 3-H
Couples Retreat 4-A
Endhiran / Robot 10-F

Sudhanshu Pant said...

Its very tough...
T2 from 127 hrs
TC from 127 hrs (not sure)
TD from Lagaan (not sure)
TG from Legend of Bhagat Singh (not sure)

Sudhanshu Pant said...

T2 - 127 hrs
TC - 127 hrs (not sure)
TD - Lagaan (not sure)
TG - Legend of Bhagat Singh (not sure)

samjo511 said...

Blue (hindi) 3-C
Enthiran 10-J

Anonymous said...

This is really nice, but I am disappointed the audio were not longer.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Anon - You will come to know when I post the answers in few days. Meanwhile, you can also figure it out yourself by listening to AR's Symphonic scores again.

Vijaykumar - I wish AR had access to Symphony Orchestra when he was scoring Thiruda Thiruda.

Anon - I understand. These are too short. But, as you know, the intention is to make people listen closely and dig into the beauty of AR's symphonic scores while trying to crack the quiz.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Ramesh - Well done. You got Four films right, that is you guesses 8 out of 2o pieces right. And highest so far.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Sudhansu Pant - I understand. Even I wouldn't be able to guess films from there pieces if someone had posted it for me to guess. But, as I just said, the intention is to make people listen closely and dig into the beauty of AR's symphonic scores while trying to crack the quiz.

You got the films of themes 2, C, D, G right.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Samjo - Boss, I expect more from you - the legendary voiceless BGM ripper. I am sure you can.

Ravi Krishna said...

Bose: The Forgotten Hero - 9 and B (both are from Afghanistan Theme 1)

Endhiran - 10 and F (10 is the action theme of the evil Chitti, F is from the delivery scene)

127 Hours - 3 and I (I is from the track "R.I.P", not sure about 3)

Theme 6 is from the opening titles of Mangal Pandey, Theme D is one of the British themes from Lagaan and Theme E is "Battle" from Elizabeth: The Golden Age, but I haven't been able to match them to the other set.

samjo511 said...

Bro, I tried a lot.
Couldn't able to match the 10th enthiran theme with other piece.

2nd theme is from 127 hours but same problem. Couldn't find the similar piece.

Bombay, Blue also have but not sure.

Give up :(

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Ravi Krishna - As always, very well done.