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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thematic Development and Variations

How many orchestral variations do you think a composer can give to a thematic melody? Listen to the piece streaming below. 15 minutes of music based on a melody that lasts not more than 8 bars. Also, the bliss of listening to a piece Orchestrated with all real instruments - Piano, Flute, Saxophone, Strings, Acoustic Guitar, Solo Violin, Vibraphone, Bells - Aah!. Experience it for yourself.

Kadhal Kavithai


V said...

The only combination of Agathiyan with Ilaiyaraaja - a film which had a very simple story line - modelled on Agathiyan's own super hit Kaadhal Kottai - was elevated to a high level by Agathiyan's characters, dialogues, great cinematography (esp. the London scenes) and of course, the undercurrent, the great BGM. Ilaiyaraaja's mastery over Western Classical Music and the way he harmonises these with other music styles is proven once again in this movie. A very simple theme - but what all forms and explorations ! When i listen, i seem to be transported to a different realm.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

V - I saw this film long back and I remember liking it. But, don't remember much now. I have to watch it again, atleast for the background score. Lovely theme, though sounds very much like Mohan theme in Mouna Raagam.

CRV said...

Suresh, I remember reading somewhere that the BGM for this movie was done in a very short time (24 or 48 hours). Its bewildering to think how he accomplished it.