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Friday, October 29, 2010


Backgroundscore.com completes 3 years today. I feel good.

Needle Drops

Tubby-Parik is composing the background score of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Guzaarish”. I wonder why Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who finds it extremely difficult to convey his ideas and emotions to other composers, did not do the film’s background score himself. It is for background score of the film that a film maker needs a lot of patience to put temp music, talk, communicate and help the composer in understanding the characters, emotions and the narrative better, than for the songs of the film. I find the reason given by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, for turning composer, quite ridiculous. The problems in working with some other composer must be of a different nature. Do not get me wrong. I am one of those few who immensely love Guzaarish songs. Tera Zikr hai.. yaaaa!

Here is a delicious interview of A.R.Rahman in which he speaks in detail about the intricacies of scoring music for Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours”. 127 Hours OST is releasing digitally on November 2nd, next week. It has over 31 minutes of A.R.Rahman’s music. I can’t wait.

7 background score cues from the film are getting released in Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Khelein Hum Jee Jaan sey” soundtrack. Wonder why Ashutosh did not get these ideas when he worked with A.R.Rahman and created three consecutive masterpieces with respect to Background score. What a mouth-watering idea it is to release Lagaan Title Music, Swades title music, Aayo Re, Jodhaa Akbar love theme, Akbar theme, Rajputana theme and many more such brilliant cues from Lagaan, Swades and Jodhaa Akbar in CD.

But, finally, some score is getting a legitimate release. A.R.Rahman’s Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya background score is getting released in a Special Edition pack along with the DVD of the best film soundtrack launch I have ever seen in the history of Indian film music. I know. I know. Stones are coming my way. But, that was truly one spectacular event to witness. Wasn’t it? Additional songs from Raavanan are also getting released. Both are releasing on November 4th. It is Diwali time folks!

And recently, Udaan Score got illegally released here.

When asked about the song “Arima”, A.R.Rahman talks more about the background score he composed out of the song.


Hathim J said...

I dont why you are bringin yourself down, by mentioning stones coming your way. what you said was true. 1st ever tamil film soundtrack to be launched outside india, and that itself has caught on as trend, with Endhiran and Manmadhan ambu following it. BTW, you never wrote about VTV Background score..

Just now i saw the epic love scene of VTV, in the park in New York. There'll be silence till jessie asks him about his family, and he says they are all fine, then there begins a cue, whihc clearly bring s forth the tension inside the lovers. What a cue.

Then she asks him to describe her, then all cues stop, and there is silence till he tells her , she hates watching movies. From then till he tells ava peru jessie jessie, it is a serene cue. Vintage ARR stuff.

Please write one on VTV background score, one of the best of 2010.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Hathim J - Yes. I love VTV background score. 2010's best background score in a Tamil film.
I have written something on Rahman's work in VTV. Will post it sometime next week.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on completing 3 years for the blog.
Nice post btw.

Off Topic:
Please do try and listen to this amazing new composing talent:Bear McCreary.Right now he does television work,but only that his work rivals/competes with any of the best movie composers offer.
His best work is battlestar galactica imo,looking fwd to u'r opinions:-)I hope he makes it big the way Michael Giacchino has.Giacchino did start the same way with TV & games and made the transition to movies.


P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Krish - Thank you.

Listening to Bear McCreary's Galactica now. Thank for the reco.

Anonymous said...

I wanna add another recommendation here,sorry forgot to mention in the prev comment.May be u've know him already,but haa u listened to Joe Hisaishi?This man is a genius!!If u haven't still,pls RUSH to his work soon:-)...His best work has been with Takeshi Kitano & Hayao Miyazaki.He also did the ost for last years best foreign language film oscar winner departures.
The first word that comes to my mind when i think of his work is WARMTH.He is able to convey so much emotion with just a few chords or little string passage. Try this:


Last year during Michael Giacchino's sweep of awards,you wrote abou t your appreciation for his work & the UP score.I do think UP had good music overall.
While i think he is a great talent & has many great scores ahead of him,UP ost wasn't even the best of anime music last year.That distinction imo belongs to Joe Hisaishi's Ponyo on the cliff.If you haven't already pls do listen to his music,let us know u'r thots.U're welcome to disagree though:-).I was maha-excited when there was an annoucement abt a Joe Hisaishi & A R Rcolloboration for a BharatBala project,coz that would be AWESOMEEE.I do remember seeing a few pics of the meeting with BharatBala,ARR and Joe Hisaishi.Dont know abt the status of the project though.

I did come across some good recos from u'r blog,so i thot i shud return the favor and post the good stuff i come across.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Krish - First of all, Thanks for recommending 'Galactica' score. Beautiful. Heard the score in youtube. I have decided to buy this OST digitally.

I did listen to the score of "Ponya" once. I guess I felt it too dark for my liking. Again, I don't remember much. But, it isn't fair to comment on the score before watching the film. I will check for Joe Hishaishi's works.

And the piece in that youtube link - "Summer" is pure BLISS.

Anonymous said...

gr8..dont give up on hisaishi yet..surely u will njoy his work ..here is more reason to do so;


Here we go:reco for another composer:-)

hav u watched the famous dracula movie (1992) by coppola.u might hav noticed a strong european flavor in the score.the music was composed by wojciech kilar.in fact i came across his work in that stunningly brilliant polanski film pianist,while the piano pieces performed in the movie were all beautiful CHOPIN,the dramatic underscoring was done by kilar.
kilar is a contemperorary classical composer,who also happens to write some film music.Here is a sample of his work from the score:portrait of a lady.


the entire score is astonishing,frankly i couldnt get to watch the film,which btw seems to awful.The way kilar maneuvers,twists & tweaks the main theme to express an entire spectrum of emotions from joy to sadness is genius stuff.
in fact peter jackson wanted kilar to write the music for the LOTR trilogy,kilar refused citing reasons of poor health and the fact that he would be required to write a score of huge proportions working daily, at his age.

here is another example of his beautiful work:


from a polish epic film:


P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Krish - Oh! Never knew Pianist had a Original composer for the score.

Thanks for all your beautiful recommendatins. Will diligently buy and listen to all of them in coming days.