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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Needle Drops

  • The most eagerly awaited James Horner’s “Avatar” Score is releasing on December 15th. The offical soundtrack tracklisting is available in avatarscore.com

  • Oh! That serene solo violin in ‘Paa’ trailer music is bliss. I expected some instrumental themes in ‘Paa’ Soundtrack. ‘Cheenikum’ had a Veg and a Non-Veg Melody but here we get just a Paa theme remix. Paa Theme remix is not done by Ilaiyaraaja, it is by Vickky Goswami. I am a bit hopeful because, of all things, director Balki chose to talk about Ilaiyaraaja’s background score in the press meet.

  • I love Karthik Raaja’s score for ‘Anything for you’ trailer, with an innate Indian melody, soulful orchestration, it is vintage Karthik Raja. Why doesn’t this guy do some non-film instrumental works like his father?

  • It is good to see budding composers talking about their background scores as much as their songs. James Vasanthan says he has enrolled himself in a course on ‘Film Score Orchestration’.

  • Recently finished reading a book called “Behind the Curtain – Making Music in Mumbai’s Film Studios”; it had some extensive information about how background scores were recorded earlier in Hindi films. The book is a very emotional account of the life of musicians in film orchestras that existed earlier and their subsequent downfall. And not so surprisingly, the music assistants and arrangers themselves admit in their interviews that almost 90% of the composers in Hindi films didn’t care about background scores. The video snippets of the interviews of musicians are available here.

  • I haven’t seen ‘Yuvraaj’ yet, but I listened to the beautiful background score of the film here. How many more such movies, Rahman is going to waste his music on?

  • And yes, I stole the title for this post ‘Needle Drops’ from John O’brien’s comment on ‘Listening Couples Retreat’ post.


Vijay Kumar said...

Don't you mean "official remix from IR"? :)

Unknown said...

Vijay - Yes. That is what I meant.

Ravi Krishna said...

Did you listen to the short clips on the Avatar official movie site and soundtrack page? I'm liking what I heard so far. The jungle-esque music similar to his Apocalypto score and the choral/orchestral material in the new clip, all the while retaining significant melody, seems like something of my choice.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Ravi Krishna - I heard the score that plays in the background. I couldn't find any soundtrack page in the movie site. But now, there is a separate sit for the score, avatarscore.com, in which I heard the track 'Into the Na'vi world'. It is breathtaking. Orchestration is very much on the lines of 'Southampton' and 'Take her to Sea, Mr.Murdoch' from Titanic ost, though the grandeur is much higher in this piece.

Ravi Krishna said...

Yeah, avatarscore.com is what I meant. Can't wait to get the album (and Hans Zimmer's Sherlock Holmes score too).

Anonymous said...

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Vijay said...

Congratulations on the aniversary.
Great job running this blog which is certainly going places.Apart from the reviews and quizzes,I have enjoyed clicking on the links you post. Eg. the scoring sessions photos of Couples retreat,the ebook on hindi film scores etc. These are very rare links more so for the casual browser. If you could most more nuggets like these,that would be great.
On a side note,Listening 'Lagaan' or Listening '*movie*' is a wrong usage in English.'Listening to' would be more appropriate. You might wanna look into that while titling your future posts.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Vijay - Thanks for you kind words.

//If you could most more nuggets like these,that would be great.// - I will.

Regd. "Listening" and "Listening to" - Yeah, I am aware of it. But somehow I felt it even sounded okay as "Listening Movies"

Vipin said...

I found Paa's music to be kind of disappointing, at least by Raja's standards. Hope the BG does indeed turn out to make up for that. :)

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Vipin - I like 'Paa' soundtrack. Yeah, egerly waiting for the film, just for Raaja'a background score, 'Cheenikum' too had a great background score.

Vipin said...

Had it been any other music director even I would have termed it a decent soundtrack. But when it comes to Raja the expectations would be higher. :) Its more or less like expecting a century every time Sachin goes out to bat. :) And Raja's recent score for Pazhassi Raja was brilliant. After that when I listened to Paa I was kind of disappointed. :) Of course my personal opinion. Newyz lets wait for the BG. Ya Cheeni Kum had a splendid BG.