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Monday, June 22, 2009

The Most Wanted

Ever since I saw this promo of Univercell Vijay Awards 2008, the theme music that plays in the background kept ringing in my ears. The melody is so haunting and catchy that I have been constantly humming this melody for past one week. On Sunday, when I was reading the back issues of Film Score Monthly magazine, I came to know that this piece is from the soundtrack of ‘Wanted’ composed by Danny Elfman. One of the reliance advertisements also uses this melody.

Success Montage – Wanted


Ravi Krishna said...

Wanted is one of the most exciting action scores from last year. Have you checked out his score to the new Terminator: Salvation? I think it's much better than Marco Beltrami's score to the third movie!

Looking forward to his "Wolf Man" score in December.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Demonstar - Haven't heard the complete Soundtrack, but this one is irresistable. And search on Danny Elfman lead me to his first non-film symphony work called 'Seranada Schizhophrana'.. I haven't heard anything like this before... such freaking madness in the orchestration in each of the movements of this symphony... try it out..

Ravi Krishna said...

Will check it out, thanks. "Music For A Darkened Theatre" is a really great compilation of cues from Elfman's scores that I found out.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

I read about the compilation. Will look for it.

KK said...

Hi Suresh,
can you tell me which song is used in Kamal's 50th year celebration promo(female humming)
I'm addicted to it.

Unknown said...

KK - That piece is the main theme of 'The Beautiful Mind' - Composed by James Horner