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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ram Gopal Varma's Strange Reasons

Ram Gopal Varma in one of his recent blog posts, explains why background score his movies are so dramatic and loud and the reason he gives for that is quite silly and strange. And it sounds like an answer to this post. He says,

My tendency is to have very dramatic and in-the-face background score. I have two reasons for it; one reason is I find background score drives the emotion of the audience in a specified intended direction. At times I have been accused that I use it so loud almost to the point that you cannot hear the dialogue properly. Sometimes the reason for this is when I reach the mixing stage at times I am so bored of the dialogues myself by hearing it so many times I feel like listening to the music at that time. I know it sounds stupid but it can happen. So I think more or less if we know of the emotion of what they are going to talk about so why do we need so specifically for them to hear the lines.

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