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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sarkar Raj OST

RGV says that he is going to release the background score of Sarkar Raj (Composed by Amar Mohile) and it is a first time in Hindi cinema. I don’t understand why every filmmaker or composer, when releasing the background scores of the movie separately in a CD, claim it as something that happens for the first time in Indian Cinema. Krrish, Black, Black Friday, Bose: The forgotten hero, Omkara, Taj Mahal – An Eternal Love story, Veer-Zaara, Blue Umbrella were some of the movies (names that immediately come to my mind) for which the entire background score was released.

It is a well known fact that RGV gives importance to background score in his films. But I feel background score is overdone in most of his movies. Illayaraja’s background score for RGV’s Shiva is a classic. Among other RGV’s films, background score (by Sandeep Chowtha) of Satya is still my favorite. Also I like Amar Mohile’s work in Naach. Is there anyone here who feels ‘Bhoot’ had great background score? If so, can you tell me why? I agree that there were few good moments, but for the most part it was loud and irritating. In the interview RGV mentions about popularity of Govinda theme, to me Govinda theme sounds awful. Though from the teasers it is clear that Govinda theme is used again and will definitely find a place in the OST, I mm still eager to listen to the OST of Sarkar Raj.


Vijay Kumar said...

I feel that "Bhooth" came alive because of the background score. More than background score, I would say that it is a good example of great sound engineering. The precision with which they have orchestrated the everyday sounds coupled with the editing makes this an excellent horror movie. Technician driven masterpiece.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Vijay - As you said, it is the sound design that was good in Bhoot and not the background score. Sound design is the art of putting ambient and atmospheric sound to the scene that is close to reality and they don't add music in it, it isn't what a composer does...