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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dasavathaaram Trailer - Devi Sri Prasad

I still wonder why Kamal chose Devi Sri Prasad to do the background score for Dasavathaaram. Like how Himesh was a producer’s choice for commercial reasons to market the movie in Hindi, I think Devi Sri Prasad (he is a star in his own right there), was chosen for marketing the movie in Telugu. The background score of the trailer sounds good and matches with the grandeur of the visuals.

But I don’t know why Devi Sri Prasad has to rip off the background score piece from Spider Man-3 for the trailer. There have been many instances before where background scores of Hollywood movies were used for Tamil movie trailers to make a bigger impact. But those are done for movies with mostly new actors, directors and producers who were desperate to get people’s attention. Why use the same cheap technique for a movie with an actor of Kamal’s stature? .

Sometimes even without the consent of the composer, the producers add such music to the trailers, but here it is evident that Devi Sri Prasad has intentionally taken the material and tweaked it a bit here and there, to make it sound original. Let us wait and watch if this music piece is going to be used in the movie too. I hope it is not.

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