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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Given below are the names of movies, actors, actresses, directors, singers and composers. You have to group the related names, i.e., the names related by background score. Any number of names that has a common link can be grouped. Remember that the underlying link between the grouped names has to be the background score. And ofcourse you can quote the reason for grouping. The same name can appear in more than one group. Some names may not fit in any of the groups. I don't know if I have made my rules clear. Let us see how it goes. This should be fun.

7G, Rainbow Colony
Amman Kovil Kizhakkalae
Auto Raja
Charulatha (Bengali)
Dharmathin Thalaivan
Forrest Gump
Gautam Menon
Harini (Singer)
Idhayathai Thirudathey
Kadhal Konden
Kumguma Chimil
Livingston (Actor)
Michael Madhana Kaamarajan
Michael Nyman
Mitr My Friend
Monisa en Monaalisa
Nerukku Ner
Omkara (Hindi)
Phir Milenge
Pudhiya Geethai
Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal
Punnagai Mannan
Resurrection (Title of a music piece)
Shobana (Actress)
Sunitha Sarathy (Singer)
Thavamai Thavamirundhu
Vaanaththai Pola
1492: Conquest of Paradise


Saro said...

I could make out only two now :(
Punnagai mannan - Puthu puthu arthangal
7G rainbow colony - Michael nyman

Please post the bgm link details when you provide the solution

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Saro - Good attempt. There is one more group which falls under the same category as the first group you have mentioned. And the second one is also correct.

Also, You could have specified the link or reason for your groupings.

I don't have BGM's with me for all the groups... anyway post everything that i have.

Saro said...

THe link between punnagai mannan and PPA is that the bgm of the latter is ripped off from the bgm bits and songs of the earlier. This is done without IR's notice and said to be the reason for the split between KB and IR.

The second link was brought to the fore in one of your earlier blogs.

MMKR's rambam bam songs has some resemblance to Dharmathin thalaivan's rajini (the bad guy) bgm. Auto raja also comes in to this group with "sangathil paadatha" tune.

Mitr my friend and shobana ? But I don't have the bgm connection.

Anonymous said...

Resurrection (Title of a music piece) - Sunitha Sarathy

'Resurrection' is 'Stranger in Black' in Tamil, blatantly ripped by Harris Jayaraj for Anniyan and sung by Suntiha Sarathy

and perhaps:
Forrest Gump - Gautham Menon