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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anjathey - Sundar C.Babu

Sundar C.Babu is one composer to look out for. I fairly understood his potential in his debut soundtrack ‘Sithiram Pesudhadi’ where he included background score pieces from the movie in the CD and most of them are good instrumental pieces. Though I haven’t seen Sithiram Pesudhadi, I still remember the Henchmen theme.

One has to listen to the background score of ‘Anjathey’ to realize what Sundar C.Babu is truly capable of. Sundar C.Babu’s background score in ‘Anjathey’ is original throughout with some fresh scoring techniques put to brilliant usage to uplift the mood of the scenes. Ofcourse, there are some clich├ęd scoring like that of flute piece which appears when that old lady sprinkles some flowers over the blood strains on the road, which adds a melodramatic touch to an otherwise naturally shot scene. And the Good Vs Evil theme appears too many times to an extent that, the moment the next episode starts you expect the theme to appear and sure it does. But for the most part, the cello pieces, the heavy bass, string sections and percussions are put to some brilliant usage to enhance the thrills in the proceedings. Sundar C.Babu, Take a bow.


Saraks said...

One of the theme is actually flicked from Signs though that is expanded well in the movie.

P.S. Suresh Kumar said...

Saraks - Which theme? Do you remember the scene in which it is used?

Saraks said...

I don't quite remember where that comes in "Anjaathe", but it is the crop circles sinister theme in "Signs", that is used here.